Friday, July 23, 2010

Guava Grove

Tropical bitch (I mean Storm) Bonnie crossed past my house this morning, dumping so much rain that I went surfing in my office parking lot. What did you say?!? Oh, I get it. You're not very good with hyperbole and sarcasm. Well, bud. You came to the wrong website. I think there's a cat blog you might be more interested in reading. Anyway, by the time I left work this afternoon, Bonnie had already left and headed out into the Gulf to whip up some crude. They should put the BP CEO in one of those hurricane hunter jets and charge admission to watching him shit his pants on the flight. That could raise some cash!

So since we're talking tropics, I'm kicking off the weekend with Guava Grove, a Belgian-style saison brewed by Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, Florida. These guys have quite the national reputation and are just now starting to get some of their beers into SE Florida. I say "It's about time!" The wine-sized bottle has a very classy presentation in light browns and yellows, and it depicts a guava grove (I know, go figure) on the front of the label. The label was designed by Matt Callahan, and I already told you about how nice it is. That is with one exception: the O in grOve has a disgusting looking guava in the middle of it, accented in bright yellow and pink. I would never eat that fruit if it looked that putrid! Finally, there is a story on the back, but I'll just let you read it in my photo below.

Fruity and funky aroma, guava and pineapple. I know some of you think I don't know what a guava looks or tastes or smells like and are saying under your breath, talking to your computer screen, that this asshole (me) is making this up just because of the name of the beer. Actually, you are so wrong. I live in Miami, Stupid, where tropical fruits outnumber people. And I'm married to a Colombian--if you ever go to Colombia, you will see fruits you never ever ever ever ever ever thought nature could invent, and again you'd be wrong! So that's how we roll tonight.

Mango, guava and LOTS of berry flavors kick things off. Very tangy. However, there is then quite a bit of bitterness. I guess it was never sweet, which I was for some reason expecting, but the bitter interrupts a middle-of-the road fruity start. Nicely carbonated, creamy. The yeast is very noticeable, and provides a definite funky dirtiness. It's funny because that dirty is not cleansed at all by the beer's soapy flavors and textures. There is a back-end spiciness that shows itself and the 8% alcohol dries everything out as you finish this big bottle, assuming you didn't share. I don't know. I thought it was decent yet was certainly let down and a bit disappointed. Good but not great.

Yellow Lemon Guava Tree Five Gallon

Geisha Soap Organic Guava Body Butter Lotion Cream 5.8oz

Dark Chocolate Covered Guava

Here's your story. For the record, I paired it with a glass, as you've seen.

See humidity on the glass and damn that is camouflaged against my house. He can hide out here anytime!


Unknown said...

Ed and I both tried this last year. We met up in Orlando while on our family vacations and headed down to the #1 beer bar in America, Redlight Redlight. We had this and one of CCB's Humidor Series ales. Guava Grove was very interesting. I'm excited to see it hitting stores less than a year later. I'm not big on this style of beer but this one should stand out. I just wish my Total Wine would get it in stock already!!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Joel. Usually my Total Wine is the last to know about every new beer. I guess not this time.

As for Saisons and the style, this has been growing on me a bit. I'm really starting to appreciate them more, though Guava Grove was not a favorite.

Vanessa said...

I will post my dissenting comment tomorrow morning, after I open the bottle I have in the fridge tonight :)

Beer Drinker Rob said...

You're already planning your disagreement, before even opening the beer? Wow, tough crowd!

Vanessa said...

Well you did mention we have pretty different tastes/reviews yesterday :) Just assuming based on past experiences ;)

You know I appreciate your opinions!

Anonymous said...

oh, that's a guava on the label? I thought it was a vagina.

I'm always amused to read the same reviews on different blogs - on the same day! Dos Beerigos reviewed this on the same day as you! You Floridians are all alike...HAHA.

Interesting to read the different accounts though -- I've never been a big fan of saisons - sounds like it might be better to share this with a bunch of people so you don't get stuck with the whole bottle.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I try to avoid the same beers as my Florida buddies on the same day, but once in a while it happens. This Guava Grove beer just arrived locally, and I guess the excitement hit us both, though Phil and Kel beat me to the review.

Vanessa said...

I normally love saisons, but I was not a fan (sorry about the non-dissenting!).

All i could taste in the middle was that taste you get when you drink OJ after brushing your teeth...yuck :( I couldn't get past that.


Beer Drinker Rob said...

Wow, Vanessa. That's two in a row for us in agreement, not including the ones you brewed.

I can name a handful of Saisons I prefer to this one, too.

TJ Lubrano said...

Wow. The way you write your posts, makes me wanna try out beer and that's coming from someone who doesn't drink beer...well I hardly drink alcohol in the first place hehe. I get high on coca cola...yes. I'm kind weird. Forget I said it...

Anyway! I wasn't lying when I said that I like the way you write ^_^.

And your right, it's a lovely design, but the piece of fruit doesn't fit on it....really!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey TJ.

I'm pretty sure you're my new favorite. If you ever visit Florida, I'd expect you to drink beer with me. You'd probably expect me to smoke pot with you, right? Oh, I'm sorry, that was probably uncalled for!

Thanks for the compliment and I'll let the brewery know that guava is strange.

Talk to you later!