Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pike Brewing Beer Tasting: Total Wine Boynton Beach Florida

Last night a small crew of local beer blogger types (minus me, I wasn't local) descended upon the Total Wine in Boynton Beach, Florida. I parked in front of the really nice entrance, pictured above. Oops, they tricked me and about half of their customers (Yes, I see the small arrow inside the window). That is NOT the entrance, it is a side; the entrance was a quarter mile down the road, that's how long this store is!

So the purpose of the night was to taste the lineup of Pike Brewing beers that have recently become available here in South Florida.  In order, the ten of us each tried these seven: Naughty Nellie, Pale, IPA, Extra Stout, Kilt Lifter, Tandem and Monk's Uncle. I've linked the ones I've reviewed so far. I'm thinking the Pike Pale and Pike Extra Stout might be my favorites, but in all honesty, I didn't find any to be standout beers. There were a few that disagree with me, as usual. Duh! Oh, and Ed Roberts, our host, was on the clock so he had to spit his samples out! Haahahhhaahaahahahahahaha!

It was really nice to see the gang and laugh and chat with all of them. The Cerveza Chica wore her Festina Peche shirt with the same Marq Spusta print that I brought in to show her framed. Word on the street is that she is going to be the single biggest broker of that beer in South Florida pretty soon. I know my Pembroke Pines Total Wine doesn't have any more as I bought the last three bottles this morning. Brewkkake launched his beer blog recently. And Chalie is growing hops on his balcony.

I had three favorite things from the evening, and none were because of the mission. LOL. First, Vanessa brought me a whole six-pack of different home brews she's made! I reviewed her El Jefé Hefeweissen just this morning. Excellent beer! Next, another equally awesome Vanessa, who writes a beer and food pairing blog, brought in this shrimp, scallops and mango dish (I lifted the picture from Brewkkake) that she made with the Monk's Uncle beer we tasted. She served it on fresh bread, and let me say I had way more than my share of it! Terrific.

Finally, after Ed gave everyone a T-Shirt (I went to Boynton Beach and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt?), he dug deep into his pocket for some Total Wine coupons. Really good ones too. It felt good to grab an extra copy too on the way out! Best part is that the coupon states "VALID TODAY ONLY!" That is so awesome that I took a picture for you, see below!

In the end, was a nice time. Good people and friends. I was in such a good mood I didn't even curse when the cashier's credit card machine did not work 100 times in a row. Correct me if I'm lying, Chalie (I curse in Pembroke Pines). See you guys soon!

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