Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rock Art Herb Jasmine Pale Ale -- Lost in the Beer Aisle Guest Post

This morning I awoke to an email from Josh (aka Lost) over at LostintheBeerAisle. Yep, he wrote a guest review and attached an 8MB zipped file. Uh oh! Oh, Haha! Very funny. All of the photos are extra blurry. What an underhanded little dig at me! Anyway, another cool part about this review is that I got to select which beer Lost was going to review from the Queued-Up section of his blog. I picked this one because I am fairly certain that we, meaning this beer and I, will never cross paths in this lifetime.

Lost has organized two Boston-area Beer Meetups that looked really successful and fun as well, so if you're local you should pay attention for the next one. And now you've met the other person I lost to while betting on the Flyers. Stupid Twitter! Here you go...

Rock Art Herb Jasmine Pale Ale

Today was a rough day. It was absolutely beautiful out; 80 degrees with a breeze. I sat on my butt all day and didn't drink a single beer. How messed up is that? Tonight I'm chilling out watching the UFC fights and drinking this Rock Art Herb Jasmine Pale Ale. I've had a number of Rock Art's offerings and most of them hit the spot. Here's hoping this weird-ass herb beer does also!

The beer is a standard amber color. Some head, but not a lot, and it dissipates quick.

My wife (who absolutely hates beer) could smell the brew from her spot on the couch. She said it smelled pretty good. Normally she makes a yuk face at my beer and says "peeeew! it smells like beer".

I'll never get her to try this Rock Art, but I wish she would. It's unlike any beer I've ever had. It reminds me a whole hell of a lot like herbal tea. Incredibly floral, but not in the traditional way you think floral with beer. It must be the jasmine coming through. Rock Art has tried to even out the herbiness with sweet malts.

Quite honestly, it's a bit overwhelming. You get a long aftertaste and it feels like I've been licking an herb garden. It's smooth in mouthfeel with limited bubbly. 5% ABV.

I will say it gets incredibly high marks for uniqueness. At the end of the day, I'm not sure this beverage is for me. I completely blame Beer Drinker, as he selected this one for the guest review. By the way, thanks for hosting my guest review bud!

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