Monday, July 12, 2010

Shipyard Wheat Ale

My mom's gonna arrive here in a little bit, driving from Pennsylvania. Well, she left Atlanta this morning but started in PA. So I wanted to make sure to entertain all of you tonight before I start cooking, drinking, Scrabbling, whatever. We may even get a card game or two going.

What do you think? I was considering introducing my mother to the world of great beer tonight. I think I'll skip the fresh Maharaja Imperial IPA and the Hottenroth, lest she hates me and never drinks another beer. But I was considering Saison de Lente for an opener for a wine drinker. Any input on that?

Tonight I'm drinking Shipyard Wheat Ale brewed by Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland, Maine. The label features a giant mermaid holding a pint of beer above her floating oyster-shell cooler full of beer bottles and grain. Where do I sign up? Best before November, 2010.

Grainy, lightly fruity aroma. Fruity flavors kick things off. Very sweet beginning, actually a little overly sweet. A bit syrupy and fake with some faint metallic flavors in the background. You'll then taste some wheat and finally a small amount of hops to answer that original sweetness. A fruity sweet is left behind on your palate. Mostly refreshing. Not great but not horrible either, just average.

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