Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flower Power IPA

Tonight I'm drinking Flower Power IPA brewed by Ithaca Beer Company in Ithaca, New York. I picked this up for some insane price at the first liquor store out of town from dry island Ocean City, New Jersey. Yes, I was at the Jersey Shore last week, but fortunately Snooki was doing a shoot in Miami (how coincidental) and getting arrested anyway! Hahaha!

Ithaca holds a special place in my heart. I am a Cornell graduate, class of 1994. You know, Far Above Cayuga's Waters type of shit. Unfortunately, Ithaca Beer holds no special place in my heart as they opened their doors a few years after I left. Yes, I call Bullshit! I've tried explaining to the brewery my connection and that they don't ship their stuff down here to me in Florida. Mostly crickets in return! Anyway, I managed to pick this up along with another from them last week. I'd love to blab on forever here (lots of stories happen over four years), but fortunately for you, my internet connection shit the bed tonight and I spent two hours on the phone with a super-awesome ATT internet specialist!

The label is nice, with some crazy lettering reminiscent of the hippie days of yore. Nice greens and oranges and yellows. Get me a bong! "THE SPIRIT OF THE FINGER LAKES"! Best Before October, no year, though the label does say C 2009. I assume that year is not related to the brew date though I've been known to be wrong, especially in Ithaca! B Student!

Pine hits first, then orange citrus and bread, nice and strong aroma. The flavors are identical, mostly. Nice pine to start, but a malty bread balance comes in right away. There is, however, a nice little bitter nip that persists. Orange and citrus and sweet flowers, nectarine and pineapple. Really good flavors. Yet this is still hoppy and leans slightly bitter. A nice simple, flavorful beer. The finish is dry but don't let that kid you! "All rain originates in Tompkins County" and you can take my quote to the bank! Buy it if you can. And don't forget to visit Wegman's when you are in Ithaca--the absolutely most super-excellent grocery store in history!

Flower Power Costume

Flower Power Time Life 10 CD set

Wilton Flower Power ~ 60's Hippie ~ Peace Love ~ Cake Pan (2105-3055, 1998) Retired Collectible

Hippies! Not sure about the brewery workers, but there are plenty of "hairy armpit" chicks in Ithaca!


Vanessa said...

Sounds like a great summer beer; perhaps I'll be able to pick some up in MA this week!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I brought 4 different beers home from NJ, 3 bottle of each. I am planning on bringing 2 bottles each of two of them to the tasting. The others whatever, I'll trade or give them to you guys. Try for something different in MA and I'll trade you.

BeerPancakes said...

Glad to see another Ithaca beer reviewed here. Maybe if you travel around enough you will get to try their whole lineup. Try for a Cascazilla next...

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Let me fill you in on a little secret, BeerPancakes. I swapped out 3 of these IPA's from the sixer I bought and replaced them with 3 Cascazillas. They are just waiting for me to drink at home. :)

BeerPancakes said...

Nicely played, cascazilla is one of my favorites