Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Tonight I'm drinking Moritz brewed by Cerveses Moritz in Barcelona, Spain. This came back with my friend on his recent trip there. The label says 150 ANYS, 6 Generacions De Cervesers A Barcelona. The back label tells a story in some variation of Spanish (I think). 33cL; 5.4% alcohol; consume before 01-07-2011.

Grainy corn aroma, strong. Sweet corn flavors start things off. That's about it, except that it's flat and sickeningly sweet before even half is gone. Dump. Horrible!

Am I really supposed to believe that for over 150 years no one in Barcelona had the balls to tell this brewery their beer sucks? Blech, hold on while I go brush my teeth.

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Thirsty Zymurgist said...

The language was probably Catalan. I visited Barcelona last year and I am convinced they don't make a tasty brew in that country. Luckily, they did have a Belgian beer bar!

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing vending machines on the side of the road in Spain (Costa del Sol area) when I was there in 1998. All I remember was Amstel (not Amstel Light--don't think I ever saw regular Amstel before then) and some local lager that was light bodied and weak in flavor.

Also I thought it interesting that any kid could walk up and get a beer from these vending machines if they wanted to. Bit of culture shock...


Kate, aka Guavalicious said...

Not a fan of Spanish beers. Of course in a country would that good of wine, why would people drink it?

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Kate. No doubt they wouldn't drink this disgustingness.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Mark. Beer vending machines, now we're talking. But with something decent here.

Royce said...

Kate makes a good point, there aren't a ton of good Spanish beers. By which I mean Spanish beers suck. I don't know if it's just a wine thing... Argentina has good wines and also has about a bajillion times better beer. Who knows.

Anyway you're better off ordering sangria if you want something easy drinking and cheap in Spain.

monxocat said...


I'm from Barcelona and that leguage is CATALÀ.

I've to say I'm a bit offended by the way you have wrote about Moritz. If you don't like that beer there is a lot of ways to say that.

You are from?

Thank you,


Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hi Ramon.

Thanks for confirming the language for me. Sorry to offend you, but really this was one of the worst beers that I have ever tasted. If it was just so-so, well, I'd have just said I didn't like it. But this was uniquely terrible.

I'm in Florida USA.

Your opinions are welcome here any time, including any rebuttal you might have to the negative review that I gave above. I challenge you, however, to find some other beers that will make you forget about Moritz.

Thanks again,