Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pike XXXXX Stout

Well, you already know they closed the Spectrum in Philly last October after Pearl Jam ripped shit up for four final concerts. My brother was at one of those and said it was great. I was looking at my address book this morning. No not on my "phone" or in "Outlook"; a REAL address book with handwriting and character.

On a page with relative F, I found an entry for Philadelphia Flyers. I was probably filing that under Flyers, but could've been one of my smarter-ass days with the Ph. Anyway, there in front of me was their address: CoreStates Spectrum. Brought a tear to my eye thinking of all the history and that this place is gonna be blown up (in) to make room for a hotel. Anyway, I guess I dated myself a little. BTW, last time I was in that place, I got ejected for banging on the glass in the front row of a Philly Phantoms game. Oh, the memories! Photo below.

Tonight I'm drinking Pike XXXXX Stout brewed by Pike Brewing Company in Seattle, Washington. About a month ago, you'll recall a few locals and I tasted all seven of  Pike's beers to hit South Florida. I reviewed all the others, so here we go. Nice label on big 22, red on black colors. Just now is the first time I actually saw the XXXXX camouflaged on the bottle, though. 65 IBUs (812.5 Maries); 7.0% alcohol.

Very nice aroma: roasted chocolate with hints of burnt malt. Hello, the flavors are a little more burnt and a little less chocolate than teased by the aroma. That's not to say there isn't a very flavorful chocolate presence for all 22 ounces, just what hit first. Plenty of burnt and roasted flavors, while also a tad nutty and smoky. Good body, though I'd have also preferred a little thicker and more rich and luscious. Very smooth. Carbonation solid. Dry, bitter finish.

I don't know why all these S. Florida pals of mine are not all over this. It's a really good beer, the price is terrific, and, though it's almost sacrilege to say it, kicks Guinness butt (at least the Canadian version)!

Claude Giroux Philadelphia Phantoms Jersey Flyers AHL

Philadelphia Flyers - Face Off at Corestate - Framed Unsigned Panoramic Photograph



marie said...

yes, but what doesn't kick Guinness butt? I've missed your XXXX reviews. Also I was hoping to see photos of you getting ejected. :-)

Beer Drinker Rob said...

You know, I used to think Guinness was so awesome. I bet that I haven't had a single bottle since I started this blog, which is almost two years now.

I really wish that I had pics of the ejection, but that was around 1994 or 1995. I must say that I was warned but then just said fuck it when all hell broke loose on the ice. My brother was pissed off.

Royce said...

Sounds pretty good, thanks for reviewing. Will try it when I get a chance.

And that's, um, a lot of X's in the beer name.