Friday, August 13, 2010

Terrapin Rye Pale Ale

You guys probably heard I was on vacation last week in the dry town of Ocean City, New Jersey. While there was plenty of beer consumed, let me tell you that my palate was absolutely burned out on fairly crappy beer. I did manage to buy some Sammy's and we even had a few Red Stripes.

However, as awesome as Yuengling Lager is, I'm even pretty spent on that beer now, too. Add in a few Bud Lite Limes, Miller Lites and Buds and you know what I mean. Even my favorite restaurants out of town didn't have a very good draft selection, so I stuck with the "specials" and when I did hit Bally's in AC, I didn't have status anymore (my card) to be able to get bottles regularly (= Miller draft 6 ounces at a time; cost me a fortune in tips).

We did also go the Jack Daniels and Jager and Captain Morgan route a handful of times, but just for diversity. Yes, I admit that I even had some Frangelico!

Tonight I'm drinking Terrapin Rye Pale Ale brewed by Terrapin Beer Company in Athens, Georgia. I wasn't sure if had ever had this beer before, and it appears that I haven't, at least for a review. I did try Terrapin's Rye Squared Imperial Pale Ale a long time ago, but not this guy. The label depicts an old banjo-playin' turtle sitting in a field. The label says this beer is "one of the more unique beers coming out of the South" and that it is "IN TUNE WITH YOUR TASTE"! Best if enjoyed by: Month 8, Week 4, Year not mentioned, so I'll assume 2010. Whew, just made it!

So I got a few new beer glasses delivered today. I know you all love the wine glass I have been using, but it was time for a little change. The aroma was full of rye and orange with a touch of spiciness. Fruity orange and citrus flavor opening. Yep, there's that distinct rye flavor. A hoppy little bite along with some spicy black pepper then make an entrance. The flavors are fairly simple and straightforward, not a knock, but rather an observation. Medium body and great carbonation. Quite awesome flavors, refreshing, solid. I really liked this beer and wish I had 5 more to go with it!

Grateful Dead Keychain ~ Metal Keychain ~ Terrapin w/Banjo

NCAA Men's CT-MD General Manager Series Maryland Terrapins Watch

Grateful Dead Garcia Turtle Terrapin W/ Bango Embroidered Iron on Patch


TJ Lubrano said...

Oooh you've reminded me! I need to buy Frangelico for a Nutella cheesecake! Thank you ^_^!

I looove the color of the beer in the pic! Yes I know, I know it's not really about the color in the end. And AGAIN I want to try it out *sigh*

I got caught up in drawing yesterday, so didn't get the chance to browse through your blog. I like the little stories and then the beer review! You really try out a beer everyday? How did you started? Wait! I shall browse a bit more and see if you told it somewhere ^_^.


Lover Lady said...

NOW you're talking, BD! Love me some Terrapin RPA and, in fact, have some in the fridge and am about to go pop a cold one in a minute. Again, Terrapin = about 45 min from Casa Bunny. Come for a visit, we go for a tour! :)

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey TJ. I always loved beer, but one day I found a great store and decided there was enough material to make a blog. Apparently a lot of other people do the same, but I doubt that anyone else does DAILY, at least in a dedicated fashion.

I have repeated beers, but not too often, and have around 650 reviews right now (and 650 stories, too).

Since you know the Cooking Asshole and actually probably know bunny, too, CA probably thinks color is the best part of the beer. I think he said the color of this beer "makes him cream" whatever that means.

TJ. Bunny is a native for this brewery. Bunny, my sister lives up in Atlanta. I don't know when but someday you and I are gonna party like it's 1999. Seriously! How's the job?

Lover Lady said...

BDR, we will SO party likes it's 1999...and I remember that decade! Not only will we hit Terrapin but also Sweetwater, then I am taking you to Hop City ( then lunch at Brick Store Pub ( followed by dinner at Taco Mac ( have like 100s of beers on tap and in bottle). It will be a beer drinking extravaganza!

Job is good but kicking my ass right now. Four events in five weekends. Oy.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yeah, bunny. I'm 38 so I remember the 90's too. I have a coworker going up to Atlanta in two weeks on a business trip. He's gonna hit that pub you mentioned and there is a retailer close as well.

Hello Devil Dancer! And a few others too!

Lover Lady said...

Have him purchase you some Terrapin Rye Squared. Mmmmm.

Remember to. tell him that we are back-assed here: No package sales on Sunday so he will need to buy your stash non-Sabbath!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey bunny. I linked to my review of Rye Squared. I need him to bring beers that are NOT available here. I think his trip is like Tuesday to Thursday, so no need to wake Jesus up. Talk to you later.

Lover Lady said...

Duh...sometimes I just skip to the beer review part...does that make me a bad follower? I guess it just makes me a lush.

TJ Lubrano said...


Well don't stop reviewing please! I haven't come across a blog this before and I've seen quite a lot of food/drink related blogs.

Oh cool CA is also a color dude! Although his expression 'makes him cream'...ehm...not sure what he means by that hahah.
I'm not so sure if I know Bunny tho.

Bunny where you also on BC? Either way, nice to meet you too!

I'm off to get some breakfast...well it's already afternoon. I think I will go for a brunch hehe.