Monday, August 23, 2010

Tumbler 2010 Autumn Brown Ale

Super busy, again. First day of school for both kids. Preparing for a trip to central PA this weekend, and trying to make some beer bring-back lists for that and two trips that my traveling friend will make, Atlanta and Denver. Oh, and a ton of paperwork from both schools; Garrett Oliver interview tomorrow night; and I'm guest posting all week over at

Tonight I'm drinking Tumbler 2010 Autumn Brown Ale brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, California. The label depicts a simple rock house in the woods surrounded by awesome fall trees full of color.

Nutty, earthy aroma, pretty weak though. The flavors begin with roasted malty domination. A surprisingly big bitter rushes in, pretty sharp. Roasted nuts, burnt malt are definite players. This beer has quite the big hoppy profile as well, and bitter ends up winning very easily. Good carbonation. Burnt bitter end, which in the final analysis, I couldn't get past. Not a favorite. Good night!

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Jay Zeis said...

Where are you traveling to in central pa? If I can help lead you in any direction let me know.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Jay. Going on Friday morning to Pittsburgh and driving to Central PA. I am from there (until age 18). Leaving Sunday morning. Quick wedding. Have a few great leads near pburgh airport to pack up some stuff and fly back. Not sure what yet though, don't know what's available there but not FL. We'lll see.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Where in central PA? Tiny Philipsburg, near State College, where I've spent more hours tailgating than most alumni. Don't argue with that, PSU.

Jay Zeis said...

Good stuff. I am from Bloomsburg, 1.5 hours east of state college, where I spent many days tailgating, even though I didnt attend PSU.

Have a safe trip.

Royce said...

Nice review Rob. It's interesting, this beer is also not a favorite of mine but for different reasons it seems.

I didn't think it was particularly bitter or burnt tasting; its roasty notes were okay for me. Rather I though the nutty, caramel, and slight hops flavors were a little too muted and flat in the mid palate. I thought it was overall smooth enough, just didn't bring a lot of character. As such it's decent.

For a counterpoint, I would recommend the Sierra Nevada Porter. It is the smoothness and rich, roasty side of the Tumbler with a much more developed flavor profile. I think the Porter is pretty delicious - not mind blowing, but good.