Thursday, October 7, 2010

Defiant Belgian Style Tripel Ale

In case you live in a cave with Osama bin Laden, I am here to let you know that the Phillies beat the Reds last night. Roy Halladay pitched a no-hitter, only the second post season no-hitter ever, giving up an early walk. The other time was when Don Larsen pitched a Perfect Game in the World Series back in the 50's. Now this was the first no-hitter I've seen since, well, um, when I was at the Perfect Game that Roy Halladay pitched against the Marlins in May!

Before the game, Big-Time Phillies Fan Coach Barney was lamenting the fact that he'd miss some of the game to a Poetry Class. After the game, however, he decided that an appropriate celebration might be to write a poem about the game. I told him I'd publish it for him here when it was complete. Accepted. Since Coach has a real job, he was only Ten lines into a Sonnet when I asked him about his progress this afternoon. So you should all eagerly await that!

Also in Philly news, the Flyers start their season tonight against the Penguins. The game is on Versus so unless there is a last minute Comcast v. DirecTV dispute like last year, I'll be able to see the game! And I figured what better way to stick it to the New York fans than drink a beer from there on such a glorious Philly day!

So... Tonight, I am drinking Defiant Belgian Style Tripel Ale brewed by Defiant Brewing Company in Pearl River, New York. Believe it or not, this one came back from Traveler Guy's last New York business trip in April! How I was able to hold on to it until now I am not quite sure. Pearl River used to be a neighbor of mine when I lived in Westchester County ten years ago, so I still feel some connection to the area.

The label is extremely simple on this wine bottle--white with black lettering and some sharp red highlights. I was pleased that the label was made of some durable material and not a lightweight crappy paper sticker. Nice presentation. The story on the back describes the beer and is written and signed by Owner and Brewmaster Neill Acer.

Holy shit it was tough to get the cork out of this guy! Fruity yet funky aroma, lemon with wet socks. I really wasn't expecting a funky Brettanomyces beer but seems I might have gotten one. That's not a negative, just a statement; it's cool. Yeasty texture and flavors open things up. There are lots of citrus flavors, orange and lemon. And to complement those is sour tart apple that just keeps on giving. Yep, dog fur and wet basement along with a trip to the pasture come next. All good so far. I like the spicy cloves, too. Now, despite the sour that prevails, some sweet cotton candy flavors are just begging to poke through and say hello. Nice carbonation and a noticeable 9% alcohol bring out the fruity flavors to near perfection. As the beer warms slightly, the orange flavors stand out even more, and the little yeasty bits at the bottom of the bottle are great. Tart yeasty flavors are left behind. Great beer! If you can find this beer, for sure try it. Their website and the bottle label invite you to join them at the brewery for some samples. Can't wait to visit!

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Jay Zeis said...

I have never heard of this brewery, but am intrigued and want to get to it. Thanks for introducing me to a new one.


Beer Drinker Rob said...

I'm sure they'd love to have you visit. I had never heard of it until the beer came home with my friend. Good introduction!