Thursday, October 21, 2010

Devil Dog Imperial IPA

Nobody actually said this, but I am not stupid. "Why are all of your photos exactly the same?" Well, bottles are inanimate, I'm not a pro photographer, I don't have all day to set up some flawless photo-shoot, how's that to start? I thought that you were just starting to appreciate that I'm taking the photos outside with some good light, and that there are no more flash injuries or blurry incidents. So unappreciative! You guys are just like my kids! Well, today I'm doing something that I am almost willing to take bets on. For the (almost positively) first time, a Laughing Dog beer, perhaps any beer, and bottle appear with Barney and Baby Bop. Ta-da! Hands off, Barney!

Today's beer is Devil Dog Imperial IPA brewed by Laughing Dog Brewing in Ponderay, Idaho. Not quite sure how this one is different than its sister Alpha Dog Imperial IPA which I bought the same day. But I guess we'll see. Apparently Devil Dog has a Latin name: Diabolus Canis Imperiosus IPA. At 98 IBUs (1225 Maries), it is right at the border of believable. The label says this beer was triple dry hopped and that more than one might make me chew up my toys. Watch out children! Daddy's coming downstairs!

Pine and hoppy aroma with some caramel malt behind that. Quite the bitter little bitch start! Bitter and black pepper spiciness work together to attack your tongue right from the beginning. Immediately, however, there is this underlying sweet caramel along with a touch of bread that keeps this from being over-the-top. Along the way you will meet an unwelcome examination-room flavor, but you can probably get past that like I did. Lemon and orange citrus show up in the background. Alcohol starts to show up toward the end of big 22 as well, warming and drying all the way. Nice prickly carbonation works well with the alcohol and bitterness. Re-reading my Alpha Dog experience, I am going to have to give that one the edge, but this beer was pretty good as well. Drink up!

Icon Devil Dog Men's Domain 2 Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet

Casual Canine Devil Dog Costume

Drake's Cakes Devil Dogs - 16 Pack

Sorry, couldn't make the letters focus with Barney behind it for some reason. Stupid Barney! Also a few mosquitoes were swarming around my head and ears, not to mention the beer. Be grateful for what you received! Click to read it.


Ilya Feynberg said...

I'm loving the background behind the glass and bottle! Had a good laugh!

I have a friend who just brought this beer over from Indiana I think. Will be trying it in a couple of weeks.

We seriously do need to start getting some more of the more local type craft beers down here. :(


Beer Drinker Rob said...

Haha. Yeah, just goofing around as usual.

Let me know if you like it or not.