Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well, you're here. If you've been here before, you probably noticed a big difference in the blog's appearance. I'm working on doing some other things that I think will improve your experience, but let me know if you have other suggestions. A huge thanks to British Buddy Claire who basically kept telling me that the design sucked until I did something about it. And she didn't stop there. She actually took one of my photos and designed the banner above and even made a few edits when I asked. Just because she's awesome! If you go to her blog RIGHT NOW, you will see a feature called "Touch Yourself". I'm not sure how you can pass on that opportunity. Great drawings as well! Thank you, Claire!

Today I'm drinking Hopzilla, a Double IPA brewed by Terrapin Beer Company in Athens, Georgia. Hopzilla is Side Project Volume 12 in that series by the brewery. Very cool presentation with an Ultra-angry dragon being attacked by a military dude driving a tank. Military dude is raising a bottle of this beer; not sure mixing a 22-ounce bottle (with 10.8% alcohol) while driving a tank is such a good idea. The label goes on to give "Spike's Brewing Words of Wisdom: "Oh no, they say he's got to go. Go, go Hopzilla!" Gold foil around the neck and cap. This beer has 110 IBU's.

Delicious aroma. Tropical pineapple, sweet fruit with a hint of booze to come. Sweet, tropical fruity start with luscious pineapple, peach and some citrus orange. Hops are given their due pretty close to the beginning too with a spicy black pepper nip at the palate. The alcohol minces no words making sure you know it is there as well. It's like the fruity yet bitter yet alcoholic trio is working perfectly together. Quite beautiful flavors. Some pine resin and sticky texture also add to the flavor profile. Light bitter is left behind on the palate. Personally, I love fruity tropical light sweet flavors in my IPA's (and even moreso in my Doubles) to counterbalance the big alcohol and hops. This was a fabulous beer! Get your hands on it!

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Lover Lady said...

Terrapin has yet to disappoint has entered into my top three with Stone and Rogue. I will try this one now.

PS, I live like 45 minutes from Terrapin...have GOT to get over there!

BeerPancakes said...

A little change goes a long way. Blog looks nice.

As for the beer, it sounds delicious. I had the terrapin depth charge (also a side project, i think) which was awesome.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yeah, bunny. Mostly good beers all around.

Thanks, BeerPancakes. I'm pretty sure the Side Projects are their best beers. This one was awesome, and DIPA is a favorite style of mine.

marie said...

Your blog looks HOT! Wow, I really like the new layout...and a DIPA to celebrate, well done.

I saw kind of a snarky comment on ratebeer a while back where this dude was saying the IBU scale is bullshit and 40-50 IBUs is pretty much as high as you can get. That jerk had no clue- but I do think 110+ IBUs is maybe pushing it - if you're going to say that, you'd better back your shit up, and it sounds like this beer does. So they win.

I've never tried anything from Terrapin but I've now made it my mission to seek out this beer and destroy it. In a good way.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Marie.

Thanks a lot. I'm pleased with the way things turned out. Creating some pages so I can clean up the side bar now.

Definitely try this beer when you can! I think they only brewed it once.