Monday, October 4, 2010

Leffe Blonde Ale

Tonight I'm drinking Leffe Blonde brewed in Belgium. The label is so confusing and in so many languages that I can't pick out the brewery. I wasn't sure I had ever reviewed this one before, but apparently back in January, 2009 I threw out some thoughts. Perhaps the label is so diverse because it was made for the European market; my friend brought it back from Spain. Best before end: 23/12/11. 330mL bottle.

Grain, corn, and mass beer aroma. The flavors are better starting with a little banana. There is also a touch of spices, mainly cloves and nutmeg. Again with the grain domination, too. A bit sweet. Good carbonation. About halfway through the bottle, the beer really starts to showcase a medicinal flavor that is quite a turnoff. Noticeable 6.6% alcohol. Well, I am not a fan. There are much better beers! Pass.

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TJ Lubrano said...


Ooh I know these type of labels. In Holland you can find a bunch of languages on the bottles & boxes. I'm always looking for either Dutch or English. Sometimes French or Italian will do haha. But it can be annoying when you're shopping, especially if you're in a hurry.

Banana huh? I'm not fond of banana flavors in most types of food/drinks.


Beer Drinker Rob said...

Good morning TJ. Yeah, banana is a flavor that you will taste in many Belgian beers. Don't let Leffe be your first choice. :)

Talk to you later.