Monday, October 25, 2010

Sierra Nevada Estate Homegrown Ale

Yesterday was parent torture day in this house. Besides wallowing in Philly pity, what made the day worse was that eight year old needed to finish his book report. He had already spent a significant amount of time in the past weeks on it, but those drafts needed to become reality.

So this time... I put the wife in charge of everything except proofreading for spelling and grammar (it's a foreigner thing). And as expected, they spent 6 or more hours making it great! Almost done and due Thursday, perfect combination!

As a reward, around 5pm we went over to Target looking for the famous Chuck Taylor Converse Hi-Tops. This is probably the first fashion item that my son has really cared about. I don't think he cared so much about the brand as the style that he's seen his buddies wear. Personally, I don't see what the big deal is, but I can already hear you brand lovers cursing me, so don't bother. And, in the checkout line, the dude in front of me had on the exact same shoes, but Low-Tops. Thirty-year-old dude told my son "Cool Shoes!" which pretty much made his day.

Finally, Debbie Does Dishwashers: Part II happened over at my place this afternoon. No, it wasn't anything like that. But yes, that seriously was her name. Nice lady made my dishwasher wash dishes again. The end. Except for the beer.

Tonight I'm drinking Sierra Nevada Estate Homegrown Ale brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, California. First, the artwork on this wine-sized bottle is beautiful. The cap and neck were dipped in green wax as well. There are two stories on the bottle talking about how they made the beer, which I'll let you read on your own. There is no doubt they are proud of the results, calling it "one of its kind". This beer was certified organic by Oregon Tilth and the label also calls it a Wet Hop Ale.

Hoppy, citrusy lemon aroma, very fresh and very bright! Refreshing bitter start. Lots of lemon and orange citrus. Grassy with a little spice nip along with some pine. Very clean and awesomely fresh! Carbonation is also terrific. After a few sips, you will start to taste some juicy tropical fruity flavors, mainly pineapple. Also, a slightly bready component chips in to help keep the bitterness company and in check. Alcohol is 6.7% in this guy but I didn't really feel that at all. Terrific beer! A bit pricey. Everyone knows you can't just double the price just by throwing some wax on the bottle. Anyway, if I were rich, I'd drink this every day. Try it sometime for sure!

Update 10/26/2010: OK. I know I can be a bit of a dick sometimes. Ed Roberts from Total Wine shared an article from which explains the price point of this beer. The article doesn't guess--rather, it's real journalism where Sierra Nevada was questioned directly. Excellent read.

Converse Chuck Taylor Leather Hi

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TJ Lubrano said...

Hello hello! I need to get a glass like that asap! I definitely get a tropical vibe from this beer, mainly your writing though & the picture haha. So I wonder...could you imagine a fresh breeze through your hair as well ^_^.

I'm a big fan of Converse too ^_^! I got mine shipped from the States and they fit way better than the ones I got in Holland. I don't know why though.

Have a nice evening!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Sup Tahira? LOL.

Yeah, I figured you for a retro-hipster Chuck Taylor Converse type girl. :) I'm not sure why they'd fit better--perhaps being more expensive to obtain made you think that. Either that or they were made in different Chinese "factories".

As for the glass, Amazon. Came in a set. You should get a cool one from one of your local breweries.

It's always tropical here in Florida. Winter starts soon and my AC just kicked on.

Talk to you later.

Lover Lady said...

Sounds great...I do love me some (of) the Sierra Nevadas! :) Enjoying a pumpkin beer tonight myself.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey bunny.

SN almost never disappoints. This was no exception. Exceptional.

Cooking Asshole said...

Huh, I have not seen this bottle before. I shall look for it. Thanks!

TJ Lubrano said...

Haha! you know it! I love sneakers. Well actually the converse I got from The States were way cheaper than a pair in Holland. I think you're right. The EU Converse are probably made in a different factory.

I shall have a look at the local brewery. I just like to get my stuff from abroad haha.

Yes. Florida is on my travel list!