Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout -- Beer Pancakes Guest Post

Beer Pancakes didn't get a beer photo for this review, but this is where he drank it!

So I'm on my way to Disney for a few days. You know nothing says Thanksgiving quite like Cinderella and Mickey! Anyway, I think my hotel has internet access but in case not, I've programmed a few special posts for you guys between now and Sunday.

The first treat is a guest post by Beer Pancakes, who you'll remember from such hits as Founders Breakfast Stout and Frye's Leap IPA. Well, he's back with another review. Give him your undivided attention and let him know what you think. Oh, and you should follow @BeerPancakes.

Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout

My first guest post here was an encouragement to drink beer with breakfast as well as a review of one of the most well known breakfast beers: Founders Breakfast Stout. Today, I bring you the sequel…a review of the much sought after KENTUCKY Breakfast Stout. My adventure to get this beer had many ups and downs. Things started out great, I found out that my local bar, Zeno’s, was planning on getting a keg as soon as possible. I would excitedly go in and ask when they were going to get KBS and the answer was always “I don’t know.” Then came a brief scare that Founders wasn’t going to be sending it to Pennsylvania at all! The longer I waited, the more I saw others getting their hands on it (my fiancĂ©e even bought a few bottles, without getting any for me, *%&$#!) and the more frustrated I became. Eventually, a tweet went out…Zeno’s was going to tap KBS. I left work, and went to get a taste…

Poured from the tap, my KBS was very black with a thin tan head. I normally prefer a nice inch of head, but considering how long I had waited for this beer, I was happy for a full glass. It smells of stout and whisky and chocolate and creaminess…in short it smells exactly like an Irish car bomb. The aroma was very dynamic, going from chocolate milk to bourbon and back again. This thing smells delicious and it was about 5 minutes before I actually took a sip. Here comes the disappointment…the taste went from bourbon, to bourbon, then back to bourbon again. It was kind of thin, and very boozy. I would highly recommend it for all you bourbon lovers out there, but this one is not for me. It was not very drinkable, although I enjoyed the smell a lot. KBS took me through a lot of extremes: excitement that learning Zeno’s was getting a keg versus the disappointment that it took forever to get here, and the excitement of the delicious smelling nose to the one dimensional boozy taste.

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