Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fresh Hop Pale Ale

2011 Hyundai Sonata. It's dark blue, so move over if you see me coming!
It's over! Hyundai Sonata successfully leased and Honda CRV successfully returned to the finance company. I got and gave plenty of shit, my kids totally misbehaved the entire time, and I had to get my Spanish on during several encounters. Let me repeat. I hate the car buying/leasing experience!

This afternoon I'm drinking Fresh Hop Pale Ale brewed by Great Divide Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado. This "fresh hop" and "wet hop" buzz is starting to get a bit annoying with everyone piling onto the fad. I'm not saying Great Divide did that, just that these seem to be the new cool kid words. The label is nice--green grass colors and a story. The story concludes with suggested food pairings. I almost fell out of my seat when I read one of them to be "Epoisses, a rich, washed rind cow's milk cheese from France". I bet not one single reader of this has ever even heard of that before, let alone tasted it. How about this? I am pairing it with buying a car and feeling like I beat the man (it's probably just my perception though, and in this case (LOL), Rick Case is The Man).

Mostly bread and sweet malt for an aroma. A little tropical fruit and pineapple if you really inhale the beer. Bitter bite changes things up with the start of the flavors. Some pine and a good dose of lemony citrus. Some spicy black pepper also works its magic with little nips at your tongue. However, sweeter flavors do jump all over that to balance out the beer. Bready malt is the main sweetening flavor though a little sweet fruit also is in the background. Bright and fresh? Yes, no doubt. But I thought that the Sierra Nevada Estate Homegrown Ale was much cleaner and fresher and more refreshing. This had a little too much sweet challenge to the 55 IBUs. The 6.1% alcohol was only barely around as it slightly dried out the finish. Well, 22 ounces are gone. This is a beer worth drinking! Later!

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Carolyn Jean said...

Zomg. I love great divide. It might be my favorite brewery.

Deray said...

Nice looking ride!!!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

The color is really nice, which unfortunately you can't really see. And it rained all day here, so it's dirty now. And it's no BMW or anything, but the wife said it looks like a Lexus, which is good enough for me.

New car purchases are irrational! Especially when you don't plan on owning for a looooooong time.

Lost said...

Nice ride. Not as bad-ass as my Genesis Coupe, but I'm sure the Sonata is an excellent family-man kinda car. :)

I've tried a ton of beers from Great Divide, but actually haven't seen this one. Will have to keep an eye out.


Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yeah, I saw your Genesis in the showroom. Nice vehicle.

Lost said...

No a lot of room for the kiddos in the back seat of the Genny. :)

Actually, there isn't much room back there for anyone. The wife has to sit back there once in awhile and she hates it.