Friday, November 19, 2010

Samuel Adams Winter Lager

Last night you might have found me drinking Samuel Adams Winter Lager brewed by the Boston Beer Company in Boston or a few other cities. If memory serves me, this is an upgraded different label, with a fire in the fireplace and a mantle. Enjoy before April, I guess 2011.

Roasted, nutty, tea aroma. Well, there is no mistaking that distinct Samuel Adams herbal flavor right from the start. Add a good dose of orange and citrus along with a hint of ginger and winter spices and you have the base of this beer. On the sweet malty side and a bit thin. The carbonation is OK. The finish, however, is not nice, strange and medicinal. As much as I love Sam Adams Boston Lager, I am NOT a fan of this one. I couldn't get past those off flavors.

Sorry the picture sucks a little bit. It was almost dark, an hour earlier than usual. Yesterday was overcast with rainy suckage, but at least enforcing my kid's stay inside punishment that he earned that morning was simple--he lucked out!

Sam Samuel Adams 25th Anniversary Sensory Boston Lager Glass, Set of 2

Fenway Beer Soap- Made with Sam Adams Boston Lager

Samuel Adams: A Life

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