Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bison Organic Chocolate Stout

Nothing pisses me off more than trying to figure out why Christmas lights are not working. Well, at least nothing more today, I guess. Is one bulb loose or burnt out? Is there a fuse burnt out? Something not connected to the electricity? The string doesn't like being twisted over and over? Fuck! All of the above. I even tried using that teaser bag of fuses and replacement bulbs for a few hours before I got screamingly frustrated and gave up all super angry. Breatheeeeeeee!

Today I'm drinking Bison Organic Chocolate Stout brewed by Bison Brewing in Ukiah, California. The label talks about organic and sustainable and carbon offsets. Buy one if you're interested. The label also displays the beer's silver medal from the 2005 Great American Beer Festival. Nice.

Very dark, roasted, nutty chocolate aroma, but on top of all of that was a seriously prominent coffee scent, like you just walked into a coffee shop. Flavors are similar with a strong roasted chocolate and burnt coffee everywhere. A bit bitter, yet still creamy. Even a little hoppy. Hints of vanilla poke here and there. A bit thin and the carbonation was pretty low, though not a flat beer. The 5.0% alcohol was not detectable. The finish is dry and some of the roasted coffee lingers behind for quite a while. Personally, the roasty burntness got a little old about half way through the bottle, but I bet plenty of people would really like that. Worth a shot. Check it out.

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marie said...

I haven't seen Bison anywhere around here but I did buy one when I was in St. Louis, oddly.
It was their Reunion Red Rye Ale and it was fantastic.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Same here. Every once in a while I notice something. Most memorably from the past was a Gingerbread Beer, mmm.