Friday, December 17, 2010

Flying Fish Belgian Style Dubbel

This is my 400th post of 2010 which means the blog is only a few short of 800 all time. There are 99 of you that are listed as followers. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I've almost reached the goals I set for the year and will likely go past them by a fraction. Thanks for all of your support and comments and readership and telling your friends and... Merry Christmas!

Today I'm drinking Flying Fish Belgian Style Dubbel brewed by Flying Fish Brewing Company in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Fruity, light caramel and sugar aroma. Fruit flavors, cherries and prunes, start things off as well. Brown sugar is also a prevalent flavor, and you may have guessed that this is pretty sweet so far. The consistency is also fairly syrupy. The 7.0% alcohol, along with the fruits, gives this beer a cough medicine type taste with a bit of spice added. Dry, examination room flavors left behind. Carbonation is OK. Overall, too sweet with a little bit of strange flavors. Just OK.

This review is dedicated to all of the guest posters I've had here over the past few years. Yes, even the ones I have no idea what is up with them anymore. From the first one with the Cooking Asshole to the many by Home Brew Vanessa to the series by Beer Pancakes to my newest entrants, you guys are all terrific! Everyone check out their contributions and let them know what you think! All of you are welcome back and I'm happy to add new people that are interested. It's always nice to get a day off from time to time. Thank you!

Merry Christmas II You -- Mariah Carey

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Jay Zeis said...

Congrats to hitting your goals (or at least coming close. It is always a pleasure to read the new posts.

Steve said...

Congrats Rob! I just started following you a few weeks ago and tried to read as many of your posts in that time as I could. Great information and fun to read!

Keep the brews coming through 2011!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Jay and Steve.

Thanks a lot guys. I really appreciate it.