Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Minott's Black Star Double Hopped Golden Lager

There are four pictures here. Two taken with my eight year old antique Sony Cybershot; the other two taken with my two day old iPhone. Which pictures do you like better? Can you tell the source of each, without some nerdy cheating? Just wondering.

Today I'm drinking Minott's Black Star Double Hopped Golden Lager brewed by Great Northern Brewing Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the company's Whitefish, Montana location. The "Minott" in the name is brewery founder Minott Wessinger. He is also the boss of the marketing lady who contacted me about this beer. So you don't think my judgment is clouded by anything other than the suds, let me tell you that "contacted" means she sent me a media kit that included a bottle and can of the beer and an invitation to the Whitefish Winter Carnival in February. Montana in February? No thanks! That is the month of the year that Miami is bearable.

The label on the bottle gives the brewery phone number and then says "Most questions answered" which I think is pretty funny. If you don't find what you're looking for about this beer on their website, leave a comment and I'll put you in touch with my contact. She is very passionate about the brand and beer and knows her shit! Nice as well. There is a cowboy on a bronco on the bottle neck shouting YAHOO! Not sure what the date stamps mean but the can has Dec 0610 and the bottle Nov0810. I'm thinking they may be drink by dates since I got these on 120110 prior to one of the stamps, but it could be a Back to the Future type event. Hmmm.

Grainy lager aroma, a little sweet but not much going on. Sweet grain flavors are also at the forefront for the first and every sip I took, bottle and can, all 24 ounces. However, there was enough hoppy balance so those flavors didn't take on a syrupy quality. Some very faint light sweet fruit also adds to the flavors. Smooth with a prickly carbonation nip. Quite refreshing for those hot Montana days. Fresh with no skunky lager flavors, thankfully.

Now make no mistake that this was an extremely simple beer, yet it does have a nice flavor. I get it! I drank the bottle in less than 5 minutes and the can right after in another 5. For some reason, I felt the bottle tasted a little fresher, and yes, I drank both out of a glass. I guess what I'm telling you is that it's an easy drinker! Distribution is only in a handful of states, but I know some of you readers are up there in the northwest. Check it out. The End. Love, Rob


Steve said...

Nice review! I'll need to search for this one up here in MN. I could go for a light, refreshing brew right about now. Time to write another review!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Steve.

Nice beer. They have distribution in a few states, not sure about MN.