Sunday, December 26, 2010


Today I'm drinking Or, a Black Ale brewed by Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, Florida. This beer is Part 2 of 2 with Either being Part 1. I have Either as well but I plan on trading it with Marathon Marie. So perhaps she can write the beginning of the story that ends "...try this beer. This recipe was conceived by the brewers of Hill Farmstead [in] Vermont and Grassroots Brewing [in] Denmark and brewed in Collaboration with Cigar City Brewing." I think the plan is that those two collaborators will brew Neither and Nor in their breweries in the future. The label, designed by Juan Alvarez of HumbleWear (I think), depicts some kind of belt buckle (I think). This beer was brewed with Ty Ty Honey and aged on Spanish Toasted Cedar.

Hoppy aroma with a ton of cedar. The cedar almost has a lemon rind citrus kind of quality to it, very sharp. Some roasted scents hide out behind that as well. Bitter hoppy start, which was immediately challenged by some sweeter caramel flavors, and the honey also is an apparent ingredient. The cedar is intense throughout and is even more accentuated by the 11.2% alcohol, which warms you up at the same time. Sugary, with some burnt flavors, a bit of herbal tea qualities. The wood and hops give a very distinct flavor that come across in a citrus and pine way, providing a tart zing all over your mouth.

Very unique, hard to describe this beer. Bitter, sweet, bitter, tart, sweet, bitter, not sure. Not really similar to other Black IPAs, and for sure I am happy there is no roasted burnt malty ugliness. This beer grew on me more and more as I drank it, and it was very enjoyable. Now, it was like $8 for a 12 ounce bottle, so I'd think at least three times before buying it again. I probably didn't like it that much!

TY Classic - Honey - Golden Dog

CedarAmerica Cedar Hang Ups 8 pk.

The Elegant 25-50 Cigar Glass Top Humidor


Dunz said...

This beer sounds really good. Add this to the list of things that make me sad I live in Minnesota!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Dunz. I'm not in love with this style. This was certainly interesting, though. Don't move to Florida on account of this beer, or even b/c Cigar City is here. I find them to be overrated (gulp, wait for the crucifixion).

Anyway, I hate living in Florida, beer aside. Weather sucks, no seasons, hurricanes, property values suck, old people, high unemployment, high insurance rates. We do have no state income tax, but so does Texas and a few others. They make it up in other ways, don't think they don't. How about we trade for around 6 months?