Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Raison D'Être

Did I wake up for last night's lunar eclipse and winter solstice combo? No, I did not! But I did get my new iPhone yesterday, and even though I am extremely a newbie with this thing... It. Is. Fucking. Awesome!

Today I'm drinking Raison D'Être brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, Delaware. I'd love to say this review was planned to coincide with the framed return of my Chicory Stout Spusta Print, but I didn't think of that until just now. Surprising since I had to go back to Michael's and complain that they didn't put a wire on the back of the frame to hang it. Jeez. Anyway, I reviewed this beer a very long time ago, in February, 2009. Can't say I even remember it in the slightest. Bottled 09/10/10 E (which I think is actually a B with the humps missing).

Brown sugar and burnt caramel aroma. Oh yeah! Rich sweet molasses and brown sugar and caramel get the party started. No doubt that the 8% alcohol gives this its "sense of purpose" with a bit of a burn. Next up, an intense raisin flavor given in a sour, acidic, and strange kind of way. Those flavors are polar opposites of the annoyingly sweet candy flavors that this beer keeps seesawing back and forth with. With the undisguised alcohol accentuating every up-and-down aspect I've mentioned, I am sorry that I crashed this party. I'm not digging this beer at all! Sweet dry flavors left behind. I'd pick up one or more of dozens of better beers from Dogfish Head.

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Telissa said...

I have a hard time drinking the full bottle of this beer. I do like it in small sips but I certainly find the whole things just too much for me

Mike LaMonica said...

Hi Rob-

Based on your learned review which I trust, this beer has no reason for being. Poorly named I suppose. Oh well, maybe they'll come to see your way of thinking. It sounds like this one cold go the way of the Plymouth Volare and the Dodge Aspen.


Beer Drinker Rob said...

I had some up and down feedback on this one as well.

Some lovers, some haters. Hold on. Can't concentrate. Tosh.0 is on right now!

DeepinURTonsils said...

Speakin of Raison D'Être...If you were part of a Human Centipede. Would you be the front, middle, or end?

Hannah said...

Rob - I thought I was the only one on Earth who didn't dig this one - glad someone else agrees. I was chastised at work by guys all day after posting my review.

You have sound judgment, my friend.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Oh, Hannah. You're my favorite!

There were a few others like us I bumped into along the way yesterday, too.