Thursday, December 30, 2010

World Wide Stout

BTW I fucking HATE Hennessy!
Today I'm not fucking around! That's right, no work until next year!

Therefore, I decided to open up a World Wide Stout brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, Delaware. And I better type fast before this guy makes me lose the will to do the review. And for those of you that bother to pay attention to what I say over on Twitter in the evenings, watch out tonight! This beer was bottled in 2010 F2 and has the bright neon green cap signaling you to beware. Of what? The 18% alcohol. Around $9 for this 12 ounce bottle and I am expecting a lot!

Chocolate and vanilla aroma, with a little booze. I thought I'd get much more on the nose. Wow! Flavors are dynamite! Rich molasses and chocolate and caramel and brown sugar with an incredible blamo of everything-accentuating wowsy punch of alcohol. Sweet brandy, licorice. And the heat and warmth in the chest is pronounced. Creamy and smooth. Lowish carbonation, huge body and gigantic alcohol. For as big as 18% is though, this beer is not nearly as boozy or seemingly potent as you might expect. I mean, do I know it's there? Sure. But the alcohol is remarkably incorporated. Lusciously sweet with enough hoppy balance to not be annoying. Complex and KICK ASS! A massive sipper if ever there was one. Loved it! Worth every penny. I have officially started a Christmas list for next year if you're keeping track. Ah, man, my eye is starting to twitch.

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Kevin said...

Liked the review... always wondered if it was worth the money. Thanks!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I'd say once in a while about the money deal. I have a hard time with that question too. But realistically this could be your only beer of the evening.

Steve said...

Definitely enjoyed the review. I wish we got Dogfish Head in MN! I tend to say that a lot about your reviews... We need more beer in Minnesota!

Anonymous said...

Really excited to try it if we can find it here on Ohio. Not exactly a mecca for Beer lovers! Have you ever seen a higher alcohol content in a beer?
Christina M.

Matt said...

Love EVERYTHING from DH, but really have a hard time dropping the cash for a $10-12 12 oz bottle...

This review may be the kick in the pants I needed to make the leap.

Hannah said...

Rob- I so enjoyed this stout. I will definitely buy again... And add it to my 2011 Christmas list, too :)

Here's my review from last year, if you're interested! DFH World Wide Stout

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Steve. Don't know what to tell you. Dogfish can't make enough beer to expand into new markets at this point. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Christina. I think you'd be surprised what is brewed in Ohio and what is available. You just need to find a good retailer.

Matt. I hear the price thing. Those questions run through my head too. I answer them with "let's do this once in a while".

Hannah. Liked your review too. Delicious beer!