Monday, February 21, 2011

Cuvée 3 Oak Aged Ale

Today I'm drinking Cuvée 3 Oak Aged Ale brewed by Southern Tier Brewing Company in Lakewood, New York. So this 22 ouncer came in a box, a box apparently used by Southern Tier for Series One and Series Two as well. My box had the appropriate Series Three box checked. The box goes on to set some expectations of flavors. Also of note is that Three is a blend of One and Two (I feel a math lesson coming on).

The bottle label is beautiful with bold silver lettering over an electric red and orange background. On the side is a line sketch of the inner works of a brewery. Serve at 42 degrees F. Noticeably missing from the bottle was any kind of technical analysis which normally accompanies every other ST 22 I've seen. Not sure why they didn't bother this time. The box did say that this beer has 11.0% alcohol it it.

Sweet rich caramel aroma with a lot of vanilla, too. Holy ultra sweet! I had heard this was going to be sweet, but I needed to pull out a logarithmic scale to gauge this one even against their own Crème Brûlée Imperial Stout (which by the way I adore). Caramel and pure sugar flavors are swimming in a sickeningly-sweet, syrupy thick body of boozy beer. Vanilla and some cherry and other ripe fruits are also very prominent. In addition, a strong wood component is evident, unsurprisingly.

Now let me tell you about that 11% alcohol. Very medicinal, and does absolutely nothing to solve the sweet problem, so now we have two unwelcome competing components to deal with. There was one strong flavor that I couldn't place and it was pissing me off. Luckily, I finally gave up, read the box to prepare for this review, and noticed that it mentions coconut. Once they told me, yeah, coconut flavors were unmistakable. You finish with a dry, sweet, alcoholic ending.

The flavors were not horrible in this beer, but the sweetness and the syrupy consistency were obnoxious and undrinkable. I dumped this, despite the financial guilt, after about half of the beer. Perhaps someone can let me know how to incorporate the other bottle I have of this beer into a sweet baking recipe? Please? In conclusion, I wouldn't!

Finally, unrelated, but too bad for you, I found a vocabulary-building book I used to enjoy in the days before the internets. I am going to try to improve my word choices and bring you along too. And yes, it will be on the test. Today's word is Pasquinade, a satirical writing or lampoon designed to ridicule a particular person. Now that's my kind of word! Use it in a sentence. Now!

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Remarkable Satires: The Causidicade; The Triumvirade; The Porcupinade; The Processionade; The Piscopade; The Scandalizade And The Pasquinade (1760)

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