Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pitch Black IPA

Remember me talking about this British Chick Claire? No? She's the one that took one of my pictures and created that header for this blog. Oh, yeah, now you remember. I just wanted to show you what she's up to with her art projects. I didn't want to post the naked ladies doing breast exams, though they are delightful. But I think you'll find this bosom buddy just as engaging. If that isn't enough of a Claire fix, I'm pretty sure you could stalk her using the info on this page. Seriously, check her out!

Speaking of art, I finally got that Marq Spusta Dogfish Head Pimp print framed (see below). Thanks again to Goddess of Gear Lindsey and Sam for signing it for me. Check out the inscription! Hard to believe but in just a few weeks Aprihop, the beer and the new artist's first seasonal print, will be available. Can't wait. So far there have been no previews of the artwork, but I'm working on it (I asked for a leak. LOL.).

Today I'm drinking Pitch Black IPA brewed by Widmer Brothers Brewing Company in Portland, Oregon. On the cap and several places on the label it says "Series 924". I'm not sure what that means, but I'm guessing someone will tell me. Date on the bottle is FEB 02 '11 08:17 WA and I'm almost certain that is a bottled on date, time, location. The bottle itself has all kinds of stamps, from decorations to the name of the brewery. Very cool. Little comments like "Always bet on black" and "smooth, dark and hoppy" are also there.

Roasted malt and VERY hoppy aroma. Also, tons of licorice in the nose. Roasted (not burnt) malty flavors start things off. Not one bit harsh, which is a huge win. Those malty flavors are immediately and aggressively challenged by quite the hoppy little bite. Lemon and orange citrus galore, I mean clear-your-sinuses type stuff! At the same time, the beer is not overly bitter, a pretty amazing feat. A real Tale of Two Cities (I couldn't think of a word other than Cities to be more creative, sorry). Some licorice flavors start to appear at the end. Crisp, very enjoyable. Medium body and carbonation. Bitter citrus aftertaste is also nice. The 6.5% alcohol is not really noticeable except for a little bit in your newly cleared sinuses. For sure check it out!

Pitch Black [Blu-ray] -- Vin Diesel

Oakley Men's Radar Pitch Iridium Asian Fit Sunglasses,Metallic Blue Frame/Black Lens,one size

Electronomicon -- Pitch Black MP3 Download

I know, lots of reflections. But you get the idea.


Craftbeerquest said...

Very cool. Where do you get these prints?

Beer Drinker Rob said...

The seasonal prints are available online in the Dogfish store. The ones from 2010 were very sought after and extremely limited.

The one pictured here is by the same artist, but was only sold in their brewpub. Since I haven't been to Delaware in a decade, I guess you could conclude I did a little wheeling and dealing for this prize. :)

crpitt said...

Thanks for the mention! Sorry it took so long to say so, been in a alcohol related coma for the past two days, heh. Which is my own fault for drinking crappy wine and vodka, instead of delightful beer.

Love the print! In fact I keep meaning to mention how very cool some of the artwork is on the beer labels you show off.