Monday, February 14, 2011

Trois Pistoles

What a weekend! Woke up Saturday morning to an email from BFF Google letting me know that Daily Beer Review was quoted in the Chicago Sun Times! Yep, mentioned in the same article as Stephen Colbert. Saturday afternoon, I bought an engagement ring for my wife of 14 years (she lost the original one, so get off my back). Finally, I got an email from the artist that illustrated the Sam Adams Revolutionary Rye Ale label asking if he could use my photo on his blog. How cool is that?

Today I'm drinking Trois Pistoles brewed by Unibroue in Chambly, Quebec, Canada. This is a repeat of a review I did last March, but whatever! Send me some new beers if you want there to be more diversity--happy to provide an address. And... I don't repeat that much anyway! The ominous doom-over-castle label art with Pegasus flying overhead is pretty bad-ass. Best Before 07-06-13--damn that's far away but it's the 40th birthday of one of my siblings!

Dark ripe fruit aroma, mainly raisins, but there are lighter fruits too, with some sweet caramel. The flavors are all kinds of fruity, man. Raisins, bananas, pears, fig newtons and yes, even grapes. Some sweet, rich caramel and toffee intermingle with the fruits and... BLAMO!!! The giant prickly carbonation really brings those flavors out even more. A bit spicy and you will certainly notice the yeast from a texture and flavor-enhancing perspective. Dry finish. Nice beer. Glad I repeated this one!

Personalized 16oz Pilsner Beer Glass

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