Friday, March 11, 2011

Aprihop 2011

Tonight I'm drinking Aprihop brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, Delaware. This is their spring seasonal, and it's become a ritual to check it out each year; after all, when the Aprihop arrives, you know there's only 6 more weeks until the brutal Florida heat begins! Here is the 2010 review. The label is extremely simple. Bottled in 2011 4C.

Also, you've probably heard me mention that each year Dogfish commissions an artist to create prints representing each of their seasonal beers. The one to the left is the first this year by Dave Plunkert. As of right now, it appears that there are still some original prints available. I'd love to have the ones from this year just like last, but my wife isn't cool enough for this one, I guess.

Sweet apricot aroma with sugar with just a hint of spice. Fruity and hoppy flavor start. Just enough apricot to meet the name requirement along with some orange citrus. For an IPA brewed with apricots, what else did you expect? Nice upper-level and aggressive carbonation, very prickly. The bitter and sweet maltiness give Aprihop an enjoyable balance. The 7% alcohol wasn't really noticeable at all. Simple and flavorful, as usual. Check it out for sure!

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dale said...

I had one last year and was pleasantly surprised. I'll follow up and have another and see if I still like it. If it tastes like your review, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it.


Vanessa said...

This is probably my favourite Dogfish beer :) I just had the new vintage on draft at the Lodge last week (thanks again!) and while I found it a little less fruit forward than last years version, I think that actually made it a little better! Yum!

JayZeis said...

I think the Aprihop is ok, but rarely order it. I dont know why, but it just never jumps out at me.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

For me, it's good, but will never be a favorite just because of the style. Vanessa, did you try the Big Bear Apricot Ale last week? I personally think that was way better.

I completely agree less apricots this year, too. But that was just fine.

Since I try to change things up every day, almost every beer on this site is in the "rarely ordered" category. Not a bad position to be in though.

Thanks for the comments guys!