Thursday, March 10, 2011

Deliverance Ale

Tonight I'm drinking Deliverance Ale brewed by Port Brewing Company, aka The Lost Abbey, in San Marcos California. This beer was a really nice gift from online friend Taylor. Deliverance Ale is presented in a 12.7 ounce corked and caged wine bottle. The front label depicts two angels in a tug of war with Satan over one person who is perilously close to the Lake of Fire. The back label goes on to tell a story about civilization's end, and while the story uses plenty of Biblical references, I can't help but feel they are mocking the Bible. Could just be me though, I guess. You let me know your opinion. I do admire their use of the word "Frigging" though! I can't recall any other company using that in their marketing materials. Awesome! Finally, this is a blended ale aged in bourbon and brandy barrels.

The cork, damn I had to use my teeth to crank that sucker out! But oh what a beautiful smell was on the other side. Buttery toffee, chocolate, wood, and sweet booze. Mmmm. Oh wow! This is super rich and so smooth. Toffee and wood and dark cherries are the first flavors that come to mind. So delicious. The brandy flavor is so excellent and warming; bourbon flavors are also noticeable, yet are more subdued. A second wave of flavors brings on some chocolate and coconut, some vanilla and faint orange. Lightly spicy with quite the milky texture.

Creamy and luscious. The 12.5% alcohol is clearly noticeable for the entire bottle, yet is a spectacular enhancer of all the flavors. Carbonation is there but relatively low, whatever. Perfectly balanced on the lightly sweet side with a side of booze keeping that in check. You finish with a boozy and sweet awesome finish. The 12.7 ounce bottle was the perfect amount. If you haven't guessed by now that I thoroughly loved this treat, well you need to go find some lower level reading materials. If you have the opportunity, you must try this beer! Fucking Awesome! There is no other two-word phrase that better describes Deliverance Ale!

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