Thursday, March 31, 2011

Golden Age Ale

Today I'm drinking Golden Age Ale brewed by Iron Fist Brewing Company in Vista, California. My friend Taylor, who gave me this beer, let me know she helped this brewery and its "young and talented brewer" get off the ground, adding that "they are kind and wonderful people." Sounds like a great place to work and drink! OK. I have a wine bottle of the stuff. Front label has a very large and prominent fist, with a bit of an industrial look. The back label tells a story and encourages you to "start a little revolution [and] put the 500 pack of light lager back with all its buddies and rule your taste with an IRON FIST!"

Hello Gigantic Head! I was fairly careful with the pour, too. Fruity aroma, very wine-like and grape forward. The aroma is also a little spicy with some sugar sweetness.

Apples and pears and booze flavors right off the bat. Candy sweetness comes next, but not overdone or massively sweet. Fine creamy carbonation. The Belgian yeast character really comes on strong next and accentuates the fruits. A bit of spicy coriander and clove also make an entrance, not as big as the other flavors but still noticeable.

Did I mention that the 9.2% alcohol being there start to finish? It definitely accentuates the fruits and candy and spicy flavors, but I do find it a little much by the end of the bottle. I guess I need to find some friends and stop drinking wine bottles myself. (I have asked. Miramar area? Beer lover? Not an asshole? Let me know. Maybe we can have a casual date first to get to know one another.)

Anyway, this beer is quite complex. Just as you think you're done, a light acidic and sour develops, mostly as the beer gets a little warmer. Some lemon citrus goes along with that. I am on board with this beer, as I found that it grows on you as you drink it more and more. Again find a friend and you can skip the part about this being overly boozy.

Good flavors, creamy texture, fruity niceness, and that yeasty at the bottom of the bottle is more fruity goodness not to be neglected. Nice job, Iron Fist!

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