Monday, March 28, 2011

Gossamer Golden Ale

Today I'm drinking Gossamer Golden Ale brewed by Half Acre Beer Company in Chicago, Illinois. First, what does gossamer mean? Something light and delicate. Was this beer named for that definition? A better journalist would find out. Looking at the fly design painted on the 16 ounce can, I was thinking that might have something to do with it. Not sure.

This can and three of his buddies came home from my coworker's Chicago trip in unique snap-in 4-pack packaging. Around the top, the can shouts, "CANNED CRAFTED. BEER IS BETTER IN HERE." This better be spectacular being priced at $10 for a low-alcohol session 4-pack purchased in the same city as the brewery! (Yes, even factoring in their pounder status.)

Nice lemony and orange citrus aroma with some toasted bread as it warms up. Fruity flavors in the beginning with some toasted bread, lightly sweet. High carbonation offers an awesome creamy texture. After that initial sweetness, plenty of fresh grass and orange citrus turn the table, making a beer that now leans bitter. There is definitely a spicy hoppy nip in there as well. The 4.2% alcohol was a non-factor. Light to medium body, great carbonation, nice flavors. Crisp and refreshing. Glad this was 16 ounces and that I have a few more. Check it out when you can.

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