Friday, March 25, 2011

Hoptical Illusion

What a crappy photo! I'll do better next time.
Tonight I'm drinking Hoptical Illusion, an IPA brewed by Blue Point Brewing Company in Patchogue, New York. This beer recently joined some other Blue Point beers on the South Florida shelves. I did, however, review this beer back in April, 2009, when it came back with my traveling coworker from a New York trip. That was a fun post, waxing poetic about the Obama-Chavez relationship and eating-puking cigarette butts. I must say EPIC!

This time, I chose to drink this beer on Harry Houdini's 137th Birthday. Nice planning, huh? The label is quite steeped in mystery and imagination, certainly because of the name. Pyramids with eyes in them, smiling moons, psychedelic colors, crazy lettering. I love it! Check out the Google Art for the occasion, too.

Fruity apple and citrus grapefruit and orange rolled into one sniff. Quite the fresh smell too! Nice zippy grapefruit bitter right up front. Grassy and earthy, with a little light malty bread balance. There is a small metallic flavor that is present as well, not great. A little spice shows up before the 6.8% alcohol dries things out quite a bit for the finish. Definitely bitter all the way, but in a solid IPA kind of way. Pretty good beer.

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dale said...

Not my favorite IPA, but a solid one.
I've liked everything I've sampled from Blue Point. I think I've enjoyed the Rastapha Rye most, but the Toasted Lager is a nice easy drinker. Love the name and the label on this one.