Sunday, March 20, 2011

Red Brick Helluva Bock

Today I'm drinking Red Brick Helluva Bock brewed by Atlanta Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia. The cap, label and story all incorporate the slogan BEER FROM AROUND HERE. Based on the story, what they mean by that is the south, where they have stood "alongside grits, hound dogs and mama". I don't know about the rest of you, but even us rednecks in Pennsylvania used to call those characteristics redneck. You probably already know this, but for the record, South Florida is not the south! We clear? Best by 06/03/11.

Fruity orange and sourdough bread aroma, with just a touch of spice. Thick, sweet, chewy, toasted bread flavors take control right from the beginning, and basically never really retreat. Yes, you will taste some caramel and honey, too. But nothing really goes together, and the beer tastes funny. On top of that awkwardness, an extremely unpleasant and weird sweetish spice just shows up uninvited. Carbonation is OK. Body is syrupy medium. The alcohol is drying and all you are left with is a bad aftertaste in your mouth. Not refreshing in the slightest, and now I have that "Yuck Face" on now. I dumped about the last third of the bottle. Forget it and its gimmick name!

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dale said...

I wish I'd read this before I bought a bottle. Oh well, it will be another one on my list. I've had a few brews from ABC and haven't been impressed. I do like some of the labels and the bottle caps.

South Florida is not the south... well yeah it is... South America!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Let me know what you think after you drink it. Hahaha, South America. Wish I'd have said that!