Thursday, March 17, 2011

Samuel Adams Irish Red

Let's face it. Some of you are probably going to do some heavy drinking today. So let me make it easy to remember how to get your daily beer fix. Sign up here for one email to brighten each and every morning. Let Google do all the remembering for you. And don't be a dick today!

Today I'm drinking Samuel Adams Irish Red brewed by The Boston Beer Company in Boston, Cincinnati or Breinigsville, PA. Part of the Brewmaster's Collection, this is the last one I have laying around from that mixed 12 pack. But of course I was thinking only of you, saving it because today of course is St. Patrick's Day! Purchase before May, 2011. 

Caramel and bread aroma but pretty weak. Caramel flavors right away, lightly sweet. Buttered bread is also a very pleasant flavor in the beginning. Smooth. Some hoppy balance and perhaps even a spicy nibble at the palate does eventually come along. Body is on the light side of medium. Toward the end, a bit of metallic flavor creeps up and slightly messes up an otherwise decent beer. Well, regardless, it's still OK, not great, not a favorite, not even close. But as part of the variety pack, it's fine to have one or two.

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