Monday, April 25, 2011

Diamond Bear Paradise Porter -- Ed Roberts Guest Post

Today, Ed Roberts makes his second guest appearance after almost a year away. Last year he did a review of Holy Mackerel Panic Attack. What? You've never heard of the famous Ed Roberts? You really need to read more frequently. Anyway, here you go... and thanks, Ed.

Diamond Bear Paradise Porter

Diamond Bear is a small craft brewery based in Little Rock, Arkansas. You probably haven’t heard of them. I hadn’t until I met one of their four employees in my store recently. He generously provided me with a sample. He also gave me a sample of a fresh Two Term IPA and one that has aged for a year. I may do reviews on them as well. They will be pouring their beers at SAVOR in Washington, DC in June, which I will be attending. I look forward to meeting one of their owners, Russ Melton, there.
I must say I am a huge fans of porters which may have affected my opinion. I think they are terribly under appreciated as a style. Two of my all time favorite beers are Anchor Porter and Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter.
Paradise Porter has a simple but colorful and eye catching label. Pours black with a small persistent head. Has a pleasing nose dominated by a roast flavor. A complimenting aroma of chocolate and a slight hop note. Wow, this is delicious! There is an immediate roasted malt flavor that matches the aroma that hits me. It immediately subsides but lingers on in a long smooth finish. Chocolate, let’s qualify as cocoa, appears in the background. A slight hop note makes a guest star appearance. There is a slight smoky quality to the roasted malt and I found it lingered long after swallowing the beer.
This is a beer where the flavors really match the aromas. I’m enjoying rolling a sip around my mouth and savoring it before swallowing. It is sufficiently carbonated. Great mouth feel and balance. Some might say the body is a bit thin but it works for me. Not overly complex but delicious and really drinkable. I could easily down two or three of these in a sitting and I don’t do that often. Nice job Diamond Bear! The slogan on the bottle says “Paradise in a glass!” I agree.
I look forward to trying more of their beers. Check out their website at

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Royce said...

I, too, love porters. I would love to try this beer if I see it someday - but it's unlikely to migrate out to Southern California I think. Maybe if I'm in the area. Thanks for the find!