Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flossmoor Station Brewer's Whim Series IPA

Tough Sun & Shadows but Decent. Sorry can't see train well.
Today I'm drinking Flossmoor Station Brewer's Whim Series IPA brewed by Flossmoor Station Restaurant & Brewery in Flossmoor, Illinois. This one came back from my friend's recent trip to Chicago. Thanks again! What a beautiful bottle! The brewery name with a train engine is prominently displayed in shiny gold while the bottom basically just explains this is an IPA, with every batch different (you know, Brewer's Whim).

The label further makes sure you know they won the Best Small Brewpub Award at GABF in 2006. "Original Gravity: Does it Matter? Color: Gold to Amber  Bitterness: Plenty 4U." Brewmaster Bryan Shimkos basically says that each IPA in this series is brewed to suit the season and is only the same more than one time if he chooses. I did a little digging and someone put a code over on Beer Advocate to narrow each beer's identity. For example, this one had no wax over the cap, so they said this one is Rail Hopper IPA. Finally, there is a little story about the Brewpub you can read below.

Pine and spicy aroma, yet sweet with tropical fruit and caramel. The flavors ARE NOT tropical at all. Strong piney bitterness up front. Lots of grapefruit citrus with an excellent bite. Very fresh taste. Lemon, grass, flowers. Some spicy black pepper and even a little alcohol kick come in next. A slight malty fruity orange balance is present, but this is no doubt a mostly bitter monster. Big carbonation, creamy. The alcohol is noticeable throughout, but mostly in the very dry finish. Some warmth too. Nice Beer! If you don't like bitter IPAs, buy something else. But hop lovers will adore this one!

Flossmoor (Images of America: Illinois)

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