Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sneaky Pete Imperial IPA

Today I'm drinking Sneaky Pete Imperial IPA brewed by Laughing Dog Brewing in Ponderay, Idaho. The label says this was brewed and bottled for Kysela Pere et Fils, Ltd. Hmmm. Sneaky Pete appears to be the cute dog on the label that took a marker and wrote WATER on a pint of beer, R backwards and all. Quaint, nice colors.

Malty bread, some spice in the aroma. Caramel flavors and spice to start, different. And what's really cool and surprising is how subtle and laid back all of the flavors are! NOT a malt bomb; NOT tropical; NOT fruity; NOT a bitter hoppy asshole! So no leading players, just complete harmony.

Sneaky Pete is a bit syrupy and sweet in the middle, sticky and oily, but some orange citrus shakes its hand and you're back to neutral. Spicy, and methinks that there may be some rye in this beer, wondering. Pine. Lightly under-carbonated; Big body, medium or more. Spectacularly balanced with just the right amount of bitter #winning you'd probably expect from a DIPA. Yep, 10% alcohol really doesn't do much more than warm a little and dry out the finish. Great beer, with its subtlety being very unique. Check it out!

Update 4/28/2011: Greg from Total Wine got to meet Sneaky Pete this morning and said I could post the picture here. Pretty cool!

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dale said...

I've had a couple of Laughing Dog brews and liked them a lot. This one sounds like a beer that I'd like, too. Love the label.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yeah, nice artwork and nice beer. You should try it.

Anonymous said...

Just loved that beer very much. I bought it because I am a beer lover and own a beautiful Boston terrier.
Great beer but bit expensive for my budget(