Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beach Bum Blonde Ale

Today I'm drinking Beach Bum Blonde Ale brewed by Michelob Brewing Company in St. Louis, Missouri. The label depicts your stereotypical surfer dude with his board, shades, Hawaiian shirt and long blonde hair. Pure Spicoli! Let's begin.

Caramel, toast, grain, spicy aroma--I like it. Malty bread and light caramel start your flavors out too, but there is this fruity orange flavor that persists for the entire beer. The initial malty sweetness was aggressively attacked by an army of hops armed with sharp spicy weapons. There are some unwelcome metallic flavors in the middle to the finish, but overall, this beer is not bad and is pretty decent. Good carbonation. The 5.4% alcohol was not a factor. On the slightly sweet side, but still refreshing.

Martin Jacobsen (Beach Bum) Art Poster Print - 24x36 (NSFW)

New 6' Foamie Board Surfboard Surfing Surf Board Perfect for beginners

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Widescreen Special Edition)


dale said...

Love the Spicoli reference. Aloha Mr. Hand.

Neil @ Mash.Sparge.Boil said...

I love a Blonde ale and have one as a house beer for home brewing. This Michelob one looks pretty interesting.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Dale. Can't get enough Fast Times. It's one of those movies that I watch every time I pass it on TV.

Neil. Not bad, especially for a Budweiser beer.