Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shock Top Raspberry Wheat

Today I'm drinking a Shock Top Raspberry Wheat brewed by Shock Top Brewing Company in St. Louis, Missouri. I don't want to burst your bubble, but if you didn't know, that is Budweiser in disguise. I will not let that impair my judgement though. I tried the original Shock Top Belgian White a few years back and didn't seem to mind it, so let's check this one out. The label still has Orange-Face Mohawk dude with shades, but a few raspberries let you know this is an added flavor.

Lots of raspberries for an aroma. It smells like someone tried a little too hard to impress the boss, and came back from the lab with a super powerful raspberry candle aroma, with wheat. Sweet flavors, raspberry and wheat. I wish some tart fruity flavors were present, too, but this was more like a fruit juice or a flavored vodka minus the alcoholic bang. Your 5.2% alcohol is not really noticeable. What is noticeable, however, is the high prickly carbonation. Slightly too sweet but above their normal bland mass-produced beers. I know many friends that would totally dig this beer. Was OK.


Coral said...

This is my absolute favorite summer Beer!!!! every weekend on the lake you can see this in my hand!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hi Coral.

Have you ever tried Sierra Nevada Kellerweis or Dogfish Head Festina Peche or Rogue Somer Orange Honey Ale? You might like those more.

Glad you have a favorite you love.

Ben said...

About 2 weeks ago I stumbled across a lable i've been looking for for a very long time. Having lived in Alaska , I've experienced some of the best brewed beers in the country. Shock-Top is the closest ive came to a"Mooses Tooth Raspberry Wheat Ale" .....Very Good needs a little more kick.....Thank You from Ben in Cave Creek , Arizona

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Ben.

Thanks for stopping by. Never had the Moose's Tooth, but it seems you're in to Raspberry Wheats. If that's the case, perhaps you can find Abita Purple Haze, Southern Tier Raspberry Wheat or Twisted Pine Raspberry Wheat. You may like them more than Shock Top too.

Let me know