Monday, June 13, 2011

Billy's Chilies

Today I'm drinking Billy's Chilies, a beer with Anaheim, Fresno, Serrano, Jalapeno and Habanero added. It's brewed as part of the Timberline Series from Twisted Pine Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado. The first thing that struck me was the spelling of "Chilies" which I have always spelled with two "Ls". Here's a website that tries to explain that but in the end says not to bother caring about spelling. Nice colorful label depicting each of the pepper types. Here we go. I'm on the edge of my seat.

Spicy peppery smell, but not overboard and with an unexpected touch of sweetness too. OK. So this beer tries to trick you in the beginning, with an initial sweet honey flavor. They probably did that on purpose to tease you as to what is coming next. BLAMO! Hot pepper spicy and burny in the back of your throat, in your neck and all over your chest. But in a good way, LOL!

I don't know that there is really anything else to say about this beer. It tastes like a vegetable garden in Mexico, with a super strong Habanero pepper flavor, like the ones I've been nibbling on at lunches at Zona Fresca way too regularly. Hot and interesting. I really do like it as I love my spicy foods, but only once in a while as a novelty. I bet this is an awesome cooking beer, too. Nice burn lasts on your tongue and palate for a long time. And I'll be damned if even my ears aren't burning. Really! ONLY if you like spicy peppers.

Peruvian White Lightning Habanero Pepper 30 Seeds- HOT

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Greatest Hits [Explicit] -- Red Hot Chili Peppers MP3


dale said...

I didn't like this one at all. Like drinking jalapeno juice.

Nick said...

Do you have any idea how brewers make the flavors come out in different waves like you how you said the sweet honey taste comes first and then the spicy pepper taste follows? I've always wondered about that.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Dale: Wuss. Just kidding, I totally agree with that, but there is some carbonation and alcohol too.

Nick: I have no idea whatsoever. Happens all the time though. Maybe someone else knows.

Anonymous said...

Haven't been drinking any of that stuff. But I have discovered an ale that works with Guinness - which doesn't go with much - or am I just fussy?
So some Guinness - then later on some Rebellion IPA. Works fine.
Though all things being equal my preferred Rebellion (find via )would be the Mutiny I think.