Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bourbon Barrel Aged Lake Trout Stout -- Beerlyweds Guest Post

Today, a guest post by The Beerlyweds team, Jess and Chad. They have a previous appearance, reviewing some big DIPA by Rock Art Brewery, but this seems to be more of a back-and-forth exchange than that. Totally dig the IM-type conversation. Chad let me know that they preferred reviewing local beers when they do guest posts since most of the time it's a new experience for most readers. So here you go...

Bourbon Barrel Aged Lake Trout Stout

Hi, we're Jess and Chad, we review as The Beerlyweds or @Beerlyweds on Twitter. We are a couple from Maine, married on St. Patrick's Day 2007. We enjoy visiting breweries, attending brewfests and trying anything new we can get our hands on. Although we rarely find the time to write our own reviews, we love guest reviewing for friends. For those of you that have never read one of our reviews, it's pretty simple: H=Husband, W=Wife. We live together and drink together, but we don't always agree with each other.

Tonight we are reviewing a Bourbon Barrel Aged Lake Trout Stout by Sebago Brewing Co. This is a limited release stout. Lake Trout Stout is available year round but the Bourbon Aged is not. We were unable to track down a % ABV on this beer but the straight up LTS is 5.8%.

This beer pours a deep black color with a ring around the glass for head.

The Smell

W: this will be an interesting review, I'm not sure my sense of smell or taste is quite right being sick.
H: It'll be fine, what do you smell?
W: This smells like a high alcohol beer, picking up a hint of smoke.
H: I don't pick up on the Alcohol in the nose, it's definitely a very roasty, malty smell, I do get some smoke and some of the oak is there, something else but I'm not quite sure what.

The Taste

W: Pretty smooth, Slight carbonation.
H:This has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel.
W:I'm getting a lot of smoke, This is very Malty, no hops flavor at all.
H: I agree with the smoke and malt, I'm getting a little bit of a Bourbon flavor up front but that drops immediately and is replaced with a smokiness and a bit of a harsh Oak flavor.
W:I'm not getting any of that Bourbon.
H: i'm not getting any of the Vanilla that the bottle mentions, I wonder if thats what i was picking up in the Nose, There isn't much for sweetness in this even though it's malty.
W: No this is more of a Roasty Malt than a Sweet Malt.
H: I will say that this doesn't leave you with a Clean palate, The smoke flavor hangs around, if there was some alcohol burn in there i might feel like i could breathe fire.


W:This is really not a beer for me, I love a good stout but this isn't something i'd choose for myself.
H: I like this beer, I agree it's probably not an everyday drink
W:No, i wouldn't mind it again but not anytime soon
H: This strikes me as a nice beer to Pair with a Cigar, but not something i'd want to drink more than one of in a night.

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