Sunday, June 12, 2011

Florida Avenue Ale

Florida Avenue Mural from
Today I'm drinking Florida Avenue Ale brewed by Cold Storage Craft Brewery in Tampa, Florida. A pirate schooner again adorns the label. The labels from this brewery seem to be identical except for the name, and good thing too as I can't seem to open my photo of this one. In its place, if you want to see what you're missing, check out Florida Avenue Blueberry. Enjoy by May, no year, but then again 2011 isn't a choice, only 2012/2013, so I'm gonna go with 2011. Oh, and I drank/reviewed this like two months ago, so I did meet that deadline.

Wheat and lemon and a little sweet grain on the nose. Lemony flavors with a huge wheat complement, flavor and texture. I almost got to milkshake face with the initial thickness. There is also quite a bit of sweet corn flavors, which made me think macro. However, there is enough lemon and citrus to keep this toned down to just barely sweet. Carbonation is OK, texture a little much and took away from refreshment. The 4.7% alcohol did not have really any effect or flavor. Average normal beer. The Blueberry and the IPA were better.

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Mike Crimmins said...

I'm a big fan of Florida Ave's beers. They're not knock your socks off, but they're good beers and I think over shadowed in Tampa by some of the breweries like Cigar City.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Mike.

This was my least favorite of the Florida Avenue beers, and I'd agree that their Blueberry and IPA were OK. And no doubt about it, Cigar City has all the press, but deservedly at least in comparison to this brewery.