Friday, June 17, 2011

Grey Lady Ale

Today I'm drinking Grey Lady Ale brewed by Cisco Brewers in Nantucket, Massachusetts and under special agreement Ipswich, Massachusetts. The label is quaint, depicting a mermaid holding a bottle of Cisco beer. The story on the said says the beer name comes from the nickname for the for the foggy island where it's brewed. Good to know because whenever I hear "Grey Lady", I think of The New York Times.

The aroma is of wheat, lemon grain with just a little spice. Wow! Tart and lemony citrus puckers up the palate with a sharp taste I wasn't quite expecting. Some yeast and orange flavors come into play along with just a hint of cloves. Refreshing, though the massive carbonation is way overboard and even harsh. The ending is a little drab, with flavors dissipating rapidly. Overall, nice beer. Yes, please. I will have another.

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Nantucket Nights


Lost said...

If you like Grey Lady, you should try Pink Lady (Grey Lady brewed with cranberries) and their newest limited edition Pechish Woods (Grey Lady brewed with peaches).

Pechish Woods is freaking fantastic, but quite expensive at $20 for a bottle.


Beer Drinker Rob said...

Wow, those sound cool. The $20 mark is where beer gets a little bothersome for me, LOL, even was way before that.

TheBEERSgoneBAD said...

Although this beer was kinda weird and over all not that good, because the label was so ridiculous we ended up having a lot of fun during this review. Check it out here

Anonymous said...