Saturday, June 18, 2011

Leavenworth Biers Boulder Bend Dunkelweizen

Today I'm drinking Leavenworth Biers Boulder Bend Dunkelweizen brewed by Fish Brewing Company in Olympia, Washington. No sooner did I review their Whistling Pig Hefeweizen the other day than an anonymous commenter went on a double-rant about the beer and new ownership. I thought the comment about a fresh-air-biking-in-the-mountains label art was particularly funny. I wonder if I'll get another comment today when s/he sees two white water rafts battling a mountain river on this label. LOL. Supposedly this is an "Alpine-Style Dark Wheat Ale". Bottled on April, no year. 4.7% alcohol.

Malty aroma, caramel and wheat, pretty muted. Caramel and roasted malty flavors kick things off. They kind of run together with a weird old coffee flavor, made worse by the flatness of this beer. Lightly sweet but hops are noticeable. Wheat and sourdough bread flavors also become part of the flavor profile. You end with a strange aftertaste. Not terrible. Just not enjoyable. Pass.

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