Sunday, June 26, 2011

Titan IPA

I'm on my way to Disney right now, assuming you're reading this within a few hours of it's publication time. I have most of the week scheduled for your reading delight, but may throw in a bonus post here and there, depending on what I find to drink in Orlando. And I will be paying attention to all comments while gone, so let me know what you think.

Today I'm drinking Titan IPA brewed by Great Divide Brewing company in Denver, Colorado. I remember reviewing this once before, but apparently it's a beer I review every thirteen months. First in March, 2009; then April, 2010; and now, June, 2011. See you next July-ish, too, I guess. One of the suggested food pairings is grilled halibut, which I wish I had available. Bottled on January 22, 2011.

Piney hops with caramel and a spicy black pepper aroma.  Lemon and orange citrus flavors open up the store, quite hoppy. Also, the 7.1% alcohol is biting and burning right from the very start, and plays nicely with a nippy spicy black pepper. Next, some bready malt comes in to tone down the initial bitterness and burn.

Actually, by the end of the glass, that malty sweetness turned the initial bitterness upside down, and the bitterness was almost completely washed away. Carbonation is good and really grabs at your palate. Well balanced overall, though I wish that ending sweetness didn't swing the pendulum quite so far. Nice flavors and an enjoyable beer. Check it out for sure.

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