Thursday, July 7, 2011

1000th Post Scavenger Hunt

I swapped out the original photo I had here for an awesome one of the framed prize sent to me by one of the winners. Thanks, Holly!

I decided to do something fun for my 1000th Post. You're reading it.

Here's a little story. No, not Jack and Diane. Dogfish and Robert Johnson! Dogfish Head brewed Robert Johnson's Hellhound on My Ale not too long ago. I thought the label artwork they used was great and looked familiar. Sure enough, it was done by Marq Spusta, who has done other labels for them as well as their Goddess Seasonal Series in 2010. So when I saw a print of the art was available in the Dogfish store, I decided to purchase it.

One week later, I was holding my new poster. One week and one day later, I was holding a second poster. I let the brewery know right away there was a mistake. Unfortunately, I was unable to keep the extra one (though I did ask with a plea in my voice) and use that as a giveaway. However, I asked if there were any unused bottle labels they could send my way. I don't even remember a reply, but two days later I had an envelope with 40 labels in it.

Here is a sample of the prize label. Imagine it signed by artist Marq Spusta.

That's when a light bulb went off. I asked Marq if he'd be willing to sign some of them for me to give away while keeping some to give away with his fans on his website. He thought the idea was great, even indicating he'd done it with other labels in the past. I should have them soon. Not sure how many or when exactly. Artist types don't use a lot of words in their email exchanges, LOL.

But you're going to have to work for it, scavenger hunt style. I was going to ask for a Haiku, as I recently lost one of those contests myself, but thought this might be more fun. Anyway, answer these 7 questions, using links when necessary. Be creative where you can be as there are multiple answers for several questions. Of the people that answer all of the questions correctly (determined by me), I will choose ? winners. Why ? ? Because I don't know how many prizes I'll have, duh. But I hope it's a lot. Deadline for submission is 7/14/2011 at 11pm EST. I'll get to the random choosing and contacting soon after that.

Here are your 7 questions... Send answers to with Subject Line "Scavenger Hunt" and so help me SpamBots, you better not send me any extra emails! And remember to send links that back up any subjective answers.

1. Let's start with a softball. What was my favorite beer of 2010?

2. Which friend blogger angrily quoted, "Quotes are for people who can't think for themselves!"

3. Where did I go to college? Name two interesting things that happened to me there.

4. Name three Total Wine employees I've met in person. If you run out of full names, first names are OK but those you need to prove with links.

5. Find a beer review that you totally disagree with my assessment of the beer and tell me why.

6. Find a story or commentary that you totally disagree with my point of view and tell me why.

7. Now that you know me so well, write a 2-3 sentence bio for me. Try to have a sense of humor.

Finally, thank you for reading and participating. I've had a lot of fun these past few years and made some nice friends along the way! If you're really lucky, we'll do this again at #2000!

Update 7/14/2011: I didn't know until the mail lady came today, but the prize is going to include three labels that Marq did for Dogfish Head, all signed! Good luck and hope it encourages some last minute entries. Oh, and I have at least 5 sets of each of them and not that many completed entries yet!


Sud Savant said...

Awesome idea accompanied by equally awesome prises. Kudos!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

You know, Sud, you still have 3.5 hours to enter yourself. It's not that hard, especially using the search box in the top of the right column.

Also, it's a lot of opinion. Ask if you need any hints.