Sunday, July 17, 2011

Braumeister Pils -- Growler Share With Ed Roberts

Imagine an enormous fluffy head spilling over, several times!
Tonight I'm drinking Braumeister Pils brewed by Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Actually Ed Roberts and I just polished off a growler. One of Ed's friends brought it back for him recently, and he stopped by on the way home from work tonight with it. His timing was impeccable with the torrential downpour that began as he pulled into the driveway. Seriously, Ed needed a beach towel after his 20 foot walk from car to porch!

Ed estimated that this beer was at least 2 weeks old, so carbonation was a concern. NOPE! There was a great pop when I cracked it open. And oh what a fluffy head! Carbonation was certainly no issue, and Ed and I proved it by overflowing our glasses at least three times each. No joke!

Lemony and flowery aroma translated directly to my palate with an immediate hard-wired current to my brain. What was really impressive for me was the creamy texture, with more of that very fine carbonation. The flavors included some bread and nutty malty characteristics along with some grassy and spicy bittering answers. Distinct pilsner flavors. And quite refreshing. Another thing this beer has going for it is the way all the elements come together. What a nice beer!

After all was said and done, my wife looked at the empty growler and shockingly asked, "You guys drank all that?" LOL. Beer is fun...

Braumeister Pils -- Ed Roberts Style

Recently a former co-worker of mine visited Victory Brewing. He told me he would pick up a growler from the brewery and bring one back for me. Sure enough, he came though with a beautiful 64oz official brewery growler. At first I was told that the beer inside was Golden Monkey. Don't get me wrong, it's a great beer, but the idea of consuming a large amount of that beer in a short time frame was a bit concerning.

I was relieved and excited to hear that the growler actually contained Braumeister Pils. This sounded a lot easier to consume, and I hadn't had it before. It's very hard to get in South Florida as well. Since Victory came to South Florida, this particular beer was briefly here in the form of two kegs for American Craft Beer Week. That's it.

I mentioned on Twitter that I got the growler and our blog host Rob responded. So I invited myself over to Rob's house to share the growler together. I had beer bottles I needed to give him anyway. In return he fed me pizza and gave me a sample bottle of Hatuey. He even got to keep the growler. I'll let you judge who made out better here.

Anyway, on to the main event here. I poured the pils into two very tall glasses. Holy carbonation! I had feared that the beer would have low carbonation since it had been at least two weeks since the beer was put in the growler. I was wrong.

As the very fine fluffy head subsided, I checked out the nose. I got some earthy hop notes with some fruit notes, mostly lemon. The beer had a slightly cloudy look to it.

The carbonation turns out fine in the body of the beer. There are nice floral, grassy hop notes but with enough malt balance that I can say this beer is well balanced. Think Prima Pils, if you've had it, with a bigger malt bill.

We had no problem polishing off this 64oz growler. I really enjoyed this beer. Too bad it doesn't appear more often. If you see this somewhere, make sure you try it!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've never seen that one. It'd be nice to have another good pilsner on the market. Sweet growler there, too...

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I like their Prima Pils too. It's just never a first choice. I'm beyond despising Pilsners in general though. But they certainly are a style that shows all imperfections.