Sunday, July 10, 2011

La Roja Artisan Amber Ale

Today I'm drinking La Roja Artisan Amber Ale brewed by Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales in Dexter, Michigan. The first thing you notice about this wine bottle is the presentation. Great reds pop out at you. Upon closer inspection, the label depicts a pirate cat on a ship who may have had a bit too much of this beer. The little story says this was brewed in the Flanders tradition then blended from different barrels of aged beer. Blend 5 Bottled 4-8-2011.

Bright cherry and peach aroma, yet yeasty and sour, too. Nice. Tart cherry flavors immediately make your tongue dance, and a wine-like grape sourness leads you along a path you will not soon forget. After drinking a glass or so (remember I have a full wine bottle), you really start to get attached to this potent vinegar flavor. Not overly acidic or harshly potent, but like an addicting fruity, sour, Granny Smith apple cider.

Oh, and did I mention the 7.2% alcohol? It is very well incorporated with the rest of the beer flavors, yet make no mistake that it is a well-known part of this diverse and complex beer. Throughout the experience, you will hit many flavorful nuances, like the mild caramel flavors that seem to appear then disappear; and the like touch of oak. One thing I was expecting was some yeasty funkiness, which was nowhere to be found. And I'm good with that. A very clean and flavorful beer. Nice carbonation and body. For sure check it out!

Little Red Riding Hood/Caperucita Roja (Bilingual Fairy Tales)

Flanders Buttocks Diaper Rash Ointment - 4 Oz


Miamimaltbomb said...

It'll get funky if you age it a couple years. I like it fresh, and's difficult to keep enough of it around to age any length of time though. Love it.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Can't decide if this or Oro de Calabaza is my favorite Jolly Pumpkin beer so far. Maybe a tie.