Monday, July 4, 2011

Marrón Acidifié

Happy Independence Day! I don't have any patriotic stuff to say right now, so let's get right to the beer.

Today I'm drinking Marrón Acidifié brewed by The Bruery in Placentia, California, in collaboration with Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, Florida. The wine bottle labels this as an Imperial Oud Bruin, a dark sour ale aged in oak barrels, and it is the first Collaboration beer done by The Bruery. I guess they used the moniker "CALIFLORIDA" in one of the corners of the label to help identify the collaborators.

Sour cherry, butter, oak and some toffee in the aroma. Pretty interesting. Fruity vinegar flavor start, with plenty of dark cherries and tart raspberries. Smooth and even a little flat. This is a highly acidic, sour and somewhat musty beer. Some light oak nuances do creep in and out but are mostly invisible. Same goes for the 8.5% alcohol, completely masked. Medium body is just fine.

The finish is dry, but along with that comes a very noticeable balsamic vinegar flavor and aftertaste. Much too much of a savory strange flavor that I didn't really enjoy in a beer. Trust me, I drank the whole bottle and was begging to tell you that by the end, this beer completely grew on me to the point of adoration. Didn't happen. Interesting. Glad I tried it. I have another bottle for trade if you catch my drift. Oh, and considering the dollars spent, totally not worth it (unless of course we're trading on that fact)!

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