Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trade Winds Tripel 2010

Today I'm drinking Trade Winds Tripel brewed by The Bruery in Placentia, California. This is a Belgian-Style Ale brewed with Rice and Thai Basil. The front label on my wine bottle calls it "Summer Fun" and ends with "Choc-tee!" (which means Cheers! in Thai). The back label suggests that since there is fresh basil in this beer, it would be best enjoyed fresh as well. Hmmm. I've had this bottle since they brewed it in 2010, so I guess I'm a year late. Probably should have read that sooner. Oh well. Serve at 45 degrees F.

Enormous, fluffy head. Yeasty aroma with sweet candy and fruit. Belgian yeast flavors dominate the beginning and open a basket of fruit flavors--sweet apples and pears and apricots. Pretty nice introduction. Quite the flowery, bubble bath consistency and flavors going on in my mouth as well. Nice creamy carbonation.

Damn it! I didn't learn my lesson from the first pour about the carbonation. Stupid. Anyway, after you get saddled in, your taste buds will start to be attacked by the most prominent flavor of all, the candy sugar. There are some spices and sure, I guess there is basil since someone read that to me (could be my fault for not drinking fresh), but I feel those are mostly an afterthought and on the disabled list at best. The 8.1% alcohol is noticeable and a bit boozy, yet I feel it works well with the fruits and yeast.

After drinking about half the wine bottle, I started to feel a little overwhelmed by the candy sweetness and the syrupy body it was providing. They became a bit of a turn off. The flavors are otherwise good, though they are a bit everywhere and not always working in harmony. Not a bad beer. If you like my description, it could be for you. I think I am not attracted to this style for the reasons I said a few things are annoying, but I can understand why someone might like those aspects. They would just be wrong. LOLz!

Trade Winds Praziquantel Feline Tape Worm Tabs

Seeds of Change S11034 Certified Organic Thai Basil, 200 Seed Count

Dutch Brugse Tripel Tulip Glass


JayZeis said...

I thought this beer was good, I would never turn it down. But I also would have to think long and hard if I was buying a bottle or draft.

Good triple, not great, not for everything (sweetness)

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Jay. Yeah, was OK, but was too sweet. Price wasn't great either, so I'll find something else.

Allen Huerta said...

I've only had this one on Draft. I do not know if I could drink that much at once and I did not pick up some of the things you mentioned but I was only drinking tasters when I went to the Bruery. If I drank a whole one I think it would get overwhelming, but I thought it was pretty good.