Friday, August 26, 2011

Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale

Today I'm drinking Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale brewed by Atlantic Brewing Company in Bar Harbor, Maine. I reviewed this beer back in May, 2009, and I think I probably bought it here in Florida, though I'm not sure. This one, however, came home from the brewery with my friend earlier this month. The label is typical of this brewery--a ship navigating a rocky ocean scene in an outdated illustration. However, it does match perfectly with the day today!

You see, today is the day that major hurricane Irene passed over the Bahamas just a few hundred miles to my east. We were very fortunate to escape this one with just heavy rains. I will be crossing my fingers for the rest of its path, as it's predicted now to slam into North Carolina and saturate the northeast afterward with buckets of rain. Luckily for everyone, President Obama has put together a website of resources for just this hurricane! Glad he's keeping busy.

I poured this into my Sea Dog Blue Paw pint glass that I got for buying beer when I lived in Yonkers, NY. I think the distributor was trying to get rid of them. This may be the first time it was ever used, as I had to wash off some excess dirt. I turned the glass around to just show the blueberries, since that's the whole reason I grabbed this glass.

Enormous head. Had to pour very slowly. Earthy and dirty, with a touch of berries for an aroma. Good blueberry flavors to start, with a nice mix of sweet and tart. That's about it, except for a light hoppy bitterness toward the end and a fruity lingering aftertaste. Good flavors, not overdone. Great carbonation and body. Very enjoyable.

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